Slonim: police drew up a report on activist

Ales Masuk refused to sign the protocol, as it believes the charges imaginary. The next day he was given a summons to appear in the morning the police department. He thinks that it will take place tomorrow on the tribunal.
On last week Olesya Masyuk already summoned to the police and pronounced that received an anonymous letter from "a group of law-abiding people of Belarus" (as signed paper), who said the emperor as if Masuk spent on Slonimsky market rally banned along with former presidential candidate A.Milinkevich.
Now the police about the anonymous letter is no longer remembered, and pronounced that the Protocol is based on the testimony of people who were on that day in the market.
Misha Kornevich Grodno region

Tags: opposition Milinkevich Masuk, Slonim

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