Slonim: Readers initiative against targets power

And now first collected 100 signatures under the appeal of the population in favor of the publication.
Director Unitary Enterprise "Slonimsky bytkombinat" Stanislav Ivanashka said "Freedom":
"Well, this is my room. I’m supposed to put something of their own there. In a strange building will not be the same forever. Them I did not turn out. I warned them in advance."
Correspondent"Judging by your answer, with a little hunting you expose journalists on the street?"
"With hunting, reluctantly … Now this setting is to use the area under its creation and its services."
Revision "Newspapers Slonim" leased floor in "Slonim bytkambinatse" for 7 years. In the editorial office employs 20 people. For 2007 Editorial paid to the budget 160 million rubles in taxes.
Why power indulges abolition profitable edition? The answer to this question refused and deputy chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Maria Biryukova, and chairman of the executive committee of Slonim Mieczyslaw Kostyuk. Ignored the request, even the head of the ideological department of the Executive Committee Vyacheslav Apanovich:
"Any views on the phone do not give."
To protect edition, in the center of collecting signatures population. Says one of the initiators of this case, the doctor of the local clinic Ivan Sheha:
"Very many people acceded to the petition. I laid out in the latest issue of its own response to these actions. So I even called people from the village, says that many of them read the newspaper. People are demanding: "Please try to save paper, because we really need it."
Sheha says that he met with the editorial team, when he was elected a deputy of the Slonim District Council, and always helped the newspaper information.
"Now that their difficulties have occurred, we have shown initiative and wrote an appeal to the Presidential Administration. For its parliamentary experience I know that in other instances it makes no sense to apply. And if you collect a lot of signatures, then maybe get a response."
Tomorrow activists groups active in defense of "Newspapers Slonim" will collect signatures in the midst of business in the central market of Slonim. Tags: newspaper, signatures, Slonim

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