Slovakia: white stripes — against the new law on the press

Journalists believe some provisions of the bill for the severe danger to freedom of speech. Chairman of the Slovak Society Publishers recurring print stated that "the impending law distorts the essence of newspapers as a service to readers."
Driver through a bill in Slovakia coalition wants to hold the right of reply in the pages of the press, including and in the case of an impartial and truthful publication of information. The draft law is criticized not only journalists oppose him were opposition and non-governmental organizations. Miklos Haraszti, the OSCE Representative said that the provisions prepared for parliamentary review of the law contrary to the duties of Slovakia as a member of the OSCE on freedom of the press.
Slovak newspapers published now as a manifesto entitled "The seven major sins of the press law." According to the views of journalists, the main damage will be in the case of adoption of a law to apply such its establishment:
First law gives the right to respond in the case of true of information.
Second Gives the right to correct disk imaging, which caused harm to nobody.
Third Makes probable double sanction: the publisher must disclose fix info and response.
Fourth Publisher is responsible for the answers that violate the law and accepted rules.
5th Right of reply are municipal and public bodies that, according to international organizations, can lead to abuse.
2nd Edition is not allowed to respond to an answer that contradicts the constitution.
Seventh Publisher can not renounce to publish a reply; such failure threatens him with a fine of up to 150 thousand Karun. Tags: protest, Slovakia, printing, law

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