Smorgon have taken away a cross in honor of anti-Communists

Near the cross was a stone on which even earlier was prepared memorial inscription age life Rostislav Lapitski — creator of the anti-Bolshevik organizations in Smorgon paslyavaenny time.
From the words of the 1st of Smorgon activists took out a stone with a crane. Cross is not taken away, and for some reason left him lying in the place where it was installed.
On this week local Youth Union held an athletic contest on the river Oksna, and many who could build a cross, and the inscription on the stone. Yesterday stone without any traces disappeared, and now cross was knocked down.
Rostislav Lapitsky was known for his anti-Bolshevik gaze. Back in school, he refused to write an essay about fadeevskih "moladagvardeytsav" declaring that their have their own "Young Guard", which is fighting for Belarus. In Smorgon he made anti-Bolshevik group, for which a court-martial of the Belarusian Military Area in 1950 was sentenced to death.

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