Soon all will end fear

Comes with flags, the implementation of which is considered unauthorized picketing and punishable by arrest, Sergei Kovalenko considers himself more appropriate means of combating what he was unhappy in today’s Belarus.
Kovalenko, "If forbid do something I like to do in spite of — against the oppression of our people against zabitastsi … I agree that there pripiranie, people hesitate to read in their native language. And I wish people were more open, more sincere and not afraid of anyone! "
In Last year Sergei Kovalenko became a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. And in terms of Vitebsk opposition he got through acquaintance with Boris Khamaida — just went to the "Blue House", where every day Khamaida distributes independent press. And they became friends — despite 27 years difference in age and experience to date.
Khamaida: "Even in 2005 he was coming up to me, read about life. I read: "Come on, boy." I felt that he has some inner core. And in these last few months, I realized, as a reliable young man fills his shoulder, not throw. Strong young man — such, and how must be Belarusian real. "
Over the past few months, more precisely — since the beginning of 2008 Sergei Kovalenko was detained three times with a white-red-white flags. For this day Will March 25th guy sentenced to 10 days of arrest. The next time the temporary detention Kovalenko got exactly one month later — on April 26. April 28, he was brought to the court train district came to the same his mother Lidia and younger brother Vitali.
Talk about filial political beliefs Lidia Kovalenko flatly refused. Said, he has not believed in the fact that through the exits to the city with white-red-white flags You can achieve any change in society. Added that with his education electronics technician he could live rich and the envy of others, and not to sit "day" under arrest, and that the tribunal she came only because his regrets.
Tell about family misunderstandings on political grounds only agreed 26-year-old Vitali — brother Sergei Kovalenko:
"In our family, Sergei often they say:" Why all this for you? "They say that there must be other standards — the family, for example — it also has a small offspring.’s Wife does not share his views. She works as a school teacher. To her work came policemen asked about Sergei — what he was doing, or divides she was his eyes. For her, it was a shock, as it says, he wants make a career, and now fears that she hurt. But I, as a brother, Sergei support. Sam, can I still to this "not ready", and Sergei is fighting for the independence of Belarus reaches own truth. "

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