Speculation over Chinese fighter j-20

Speculation over Chinese fighter j-20
After activation rumors study souped Chinese stealth fighter with a presumptive index J-21 (export designation F-60), in the aviation forums, namely portal china-defense.com, a wave of speculation that it’s still the same for airplane why is formed and who is.
Reporting as if full-scale research aircraft introduced in 2007. Some feel as if this fighter is formed for the Pakistan Air Force equipment, other submission hold, as if his main deck option would be for military aircraft armament Chinese aircraft carriers.

One analyst believes that the fighter is able to make the first flight in September of this year. In his view, the Russian Federation had the opportunity to join the files of a similar Indian AMCA fighter and get the middle class in addition to the languid T-50. Another option — Russian Federation could «Russified» Chinese J-21 and tackle its own avionics, engines with a thrust of 10 tons, and so makarom cooperate with China for the joint production of these aircraft for the Air Force’s own equipment and production for export . This fighter could become «the best smallest brother» T-50 PAK FA, the analyst believes. These fighters could take almost all countries, not counting «of some European and, of course, other countries only American clientele,» he said, and highlights, as if Russian Federation and China could be between a «significant market share deshevenky aircraft fifth generation. «

Later, he develops imagination even further, and talks are already on the topic, why India and China hold each other’s throat and this time did not have all the chances to realize that working together would be better for 2-countries. J-21 in its volume and aerodynamic shape about such as AMCA, he said, and to join forces would be easy, it would wish. But then shakes his head reproachfully debater — «Imagine a Chinese SAC (Shenyang Aircraft Company) and Indian HAL act together on a plan … But lacking. Unfortunately, do not understand the benefits. Stupid, stupid kids … «.

It seems that there was no comparable deshevenky twin-engine stealth fighter middle class that size and weight would be substantially less than the T-50 and J-20, it might take quite a huge niche in the big fights aviation market

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