Spetsstroy first branch in Udmurtia, Russia introduced a laser system for cutting metal

In accordance with the plan of FSUE "GUSST number 8 at Spetsstroy Russia" to introduce new technology to the enterprise the laser machine for cutting metal produced by "Telara."


Installation, located on a site for the production of metal fire doors shop number 4 branches "UPP number 821", allows cutting metal with a laser beam at any given program path. Control is equipped with a remote computer. In the operation of the device is ensured not only high performance and quality while cutting metal sheets up to 10 mm for fire doors and hatches, but also the ability to perform open-work art designs from sheet metal. After the laser treatment is sufficient to consider the product and finish grinding takes a finished look.

The wait staff has been trained at the factory and fully mastered all the necessary jobs. As the master A.M.Mandrykin, installing for the first time used in the construction industry Udmurtia and allows you to raise the culture of production to new heights.
Products were presented at the "City of the XXI century" and attracted great attention of visitors and exhibitors.

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