St. Petersburg branch of the tractor plant in Barnaul produced the first tractor

Registered in October 2012 in Barnaul branch of the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant has collected the first 12 tractors "Kirovets" K-744R3 capacity of 428 liters. s.

Until the end of 2013 in the Altai region will be collected about 100 machines. Already, the company has received more than 40 applications from representatives of local agricultural businesses that are ready to purchase new equipment for future planting in the framework of the regional program to support agricultural enterprises.

At the moment, the degree of localization of production is 10% when gathering ballast weights are used and other details of local manufacture. During 2013 — 2014, it is intended to increase the localization rate to 30%. Thus, the company Altai will be involved in the production of cladding elements, frame cabin, fan housing, fuel tank, under engine and cargo poluramy. Also collected in Barnaul "Kirovtsa" in the future will be equipped with tires of the Altai Tyre Plant.

The initial investment in the creation of the Kirov factory assembly plant in the Altai region amount to 10 million rubles. In the future, with the deepening of the localization and development of the branch, the investment will be increased. The company plans to gradually increase the level of localization of production in such a way that by 2016 at least 50% of units and aggregates of tractors are produced by enterprises of the Altai Territory. In the future assembly line of tractors "Kirovets" K-744R can be completely transferred to the region.

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