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"Only one calorie" comprise only pills for fresh breath. In any other food more calories. In food on the holiday table calories a thousand times more than one. The number of starts to move quickly to quality, and the "quality" — do not fit into the usual jeans.

Tips nutritionists are rarely pleasant and comforting. First, to not run a custom shape, it is necessary for life to alternate periods of rigorous diet and proper nutrition. Secondly, there can be anything you like, but little by little, and preferably with blue plates: the color reduces the feeling of hunger. However, the refusal to participate in the holiday feast andsuffering-demonstrative chewing a leaf of lettuce can ruin the mood and starving, and others. Therefore, brushing past the mouth piece of the cake should not be fat. It is better to devote to post-holiday days Express diet which will reduce the ravenous appetite and return to the usual diet.

Diet Alicia Silverstone

Today, the U.S. is very popular three-day diet unloading actress Alicia Silverstone, which allows to stabilize the metabolism. The disadvantage of this diet can be unless its cost. Food packages with limited carbohydrates and fats will cost starving the bank. So there is another reason to think about all kinds of financial and aesthetic damage is small, but a hefty portion of salad with mayonnaise.

On the first day for breakfast you can drink 170 grams of grapefruit juice and eat a cup of cereal meal, filled with soy milk. Dinner a bit more modest: a hamburger buns which are sandwiched between the 170 grams of vegetables, plus a half cup of cooked beans. Dinner is not so alone: 115 grams of super-hard cheese tofu, fried mushrooms with a cup and a cup podded peas to two cups of steamed rice, plus dessert: two patties with rice and 2 teaspoons jam or jam.

On the second day the specter of starvation begins to slowly pull away: Breakfast rely on two pancakes with fresh berries. But at lunch — a cup of steamed vegetables, boiled hot cob of corn and a portion of fruit salad. For dinner, you can eat two slices of pizza with cheese, a large plate of vegetable salad and two sinks.

In the evening the third day, the assurances of Alicia, standing on the scales, you will notice how evaporated 2 — 4 pounds. But until the evening to be fed like this: two slices of bread with low-fatsoy cheese cream for breakfast, a cup of steamed vegetables and a slice of rye bread for lunch. And finally, for dinner — two large pepper stuffed with rice and corn, a cup of steamed broccoli, and low-fat yogurt for dessert and some strawberries.

Diet Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren loves to eat so much that even her diet unloading (allowing lose up to 5 pounds) contains a lot of food, pleasant stomach glutton.

The first day. For breakfast, 170 grams of orange juice and a hard-boiled egg. Lunch — salad of any vegetables with 60 grams of sliced turkey and low-fat cheese, laid out on the leaves of lettuce. Dinner: 115 grams of pasta with shrimp, spinach salad with low-calorie dressing and an apple for dessert.

On the second day we are waiting for breakfast bowl of cereal meal with low-fat milk. At lunch — fresh fruit salad and a half cup of cottage cheese. Dinner: 115 grams (no more, no less!) Spaghetti with meatballs of lean turkey, lettuce, mixed with fast refueling. For dessert, you can afford a pear.

Breakfast the third day will consist of low-fat cheese. Lunch — 115 grams of green salad with boiled chicken. For dinner, you can pamper yourself 170 grams of lasagna with low-fat cheese, a large portion of salad from various greens with fast refueling and two peaches for dessert.

Diet Edita Pyekha

If you do not diet overseas are welcome, you can always use the experience of local stars show business.

For example, Edita after dense feasts sits on a five-or fifteen-day diet, depending on how much nonsense was allowed earlier. For 5 days you can lose 3 pounds in 15 days — and 8. Of course, the menu is not as varied as that of Sophia Loren, but the worm can starve.

At breakfast — a boiled egg, bacon and low-fat yogurt. At lunch — grilled chicken, steamed vegetables. For dinner jacket potatoes, salad. In between, you can eat apples.

The rule is that carbohydrates and proteins can not be used together (eg, meat, fish and eggs should not be mixed with rice, potatoes, pasta and bread). Vegetables can be eaten with anything, citrus fruits (lemons, oranges) — the proteins, and sweet fruit — with carbohydrates.

Diet Limes Vajkule

If finances are singing songs, you can try mini-diet Limes Vajkule. Lyme "post" on it, 9 days: three days — boiled rice, three days — green apples, three days — boiled chicken. But for starters, you can starve for 3 days. Following this diet 2-3 kilogram easily go into oblivion.

Diet Larisa Dolina

We can recall more about kefir diet Larisa Dolina. For three days, you need to drink yogurt for lunch can allow low-fat cottage cheese. Lack diet that not every organism adequately relates to dairy products.

There is also a popular diet for the "faint of heart" — those for whom the day without burgers and candy go to waste. The essence of the diet is simple: three days of hunger strike four days give way to normal (without overeating!) Supply. These days alternate as long as the extra weight does not sink into oblivion.

The first day. Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of cheese. Lunch: a small apple. Lunch: boiled egg and cucumber (fresh or salty), fresh salad, a slice of bread. Dinner: 100 grams of cooked tuna or cod, boiled beets, 200 grams of cauliflower. Before going to bed, that was not sad, you can eat an apple or an orange.

The second day. Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of bread, two tablespoons of sugar-free jam. Lunch: half a grapefruit. For lunch, it should be: half a tin of canned tuna in oil, 4 radishes, a slice of bread. Dinner: 100 grams of chicken without skin and fat, 100 grams of cooked green beans and one svekolka. Before going to sleep in starved stomach can throw 50 grams of prunes and fill it with tea.

On third day we are waiting for a traditional breakfast of black coffee or tea without sugar, eggs (in any form — boiled, scrambled, in the form of an omelette) and a slice of bread. The second lunch — orange. For lunch: a cup of cottage cheese and vegetable salad. For dinner, 2 sausages, 200 grams of fresh cabbage. And an apple before going to bed.

To consolidate the results after days of discharge, nutritionists advise not to eat anything after 7 pm, not go for sweet, and bread. And, of course, lots of moving!

Source: "The magazine "Be healthy"

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