Statkevich summons evromaevku

It will be held in Minsk near the State Library. Statkevich said in an interview with Freedom:
"May 1st got another meaning Belarus. In today we became neighbors of the EU. And it was natural, Belarus may also become a member of the European family, for the moment Yanka Kupala Park repaired. A federation of trade unions received permission to pad around the State Library. We do not ask permission for such actions, because when tried do, then made sure that there can be only Bangalore. Because we decided to spend about evromaevku library. It is comfortable, close to the subway, it is expected a good show. "
Statkevich said that is not going to Bangalore, where they want to mark May 1 left democratic forces of Belarus from 12 to 15 hours.
"My dog died long ago. What to do Bangalore on without a dog? "
Statkevich said that on May Day, he and his colleagues are going to come as a social and political slogans.

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