Steven Seagal praised Kalashnikov rifles and M4

Steven Seagal praised Kalashnikov rifles and M4
Steven Seagal, known martial artist and actor compared the Russian and South American small cannon. He noted fame and the highest quality Russian sample as a whole.
Namely, the actor saw the «Kalashnikov languid complex combat criteria is a very strong weapon, but the new M4» out of the box «can be more accurate.»
The actor said that now the United States extensively used machine M4 platform for creating other types of small guns. He said that in Russia there are many different manufacturers of decent Russian small automatic guns.
Coupled with the fact there are companies that «copy platform and M4» and on this basis make their standards. In general, the Russian instrument takes its rightful place on the world arms market.
Steven Seagal praised Kalashnikov rifles and M4

Automatic M4 5.56mm created based on the M16A2 rifle for weapons crews of combat vehicles and equipment calculations. The following Special Operations Command M4 U.S. adopted as a single machine for all U.S. special operations forces. Now he crosses the U.S. Army due to its convenience shortened rifle in modern conditions. M4 M16A2 differs from the smallest barrel length and retractable telescopic butt.
It provides an effective fire on a single (group) targets on the range 500 (600) m, 50 (200) m less than the M16A2. Rate of fire M4 — 700-970 rounds per minute. Additionally carbine rifle can fill a 40 mm grenade launcher, laser target illumination device and targeting, telescopic sights, red-dot sight, silencer, flashlight, other devices and appliances.
Steven Seagal praised Kalashnikov rifles and M4

Steven Seagal is a few weeks in Russia. One reason for this is its desire together with «Survey Systems» brand ORSIS, make long-range precision rifle latest by the renowned T-5000. He is confident that the new instrument «will meet the high quality and standards,» which are put forward for the long-range rifles.
This conclusion came after a visit to the actor production of and familiarity with the applicable technologies and equipment. They meet the latest technology and Segal «absolutely confident in the quality of the products, which will be produced by this company.»
His confidence in this, he explained that for decades was an athlete and had the opportunity to shoot several times from different rifles. Seagal as special in small arms, stressed that the 408 caliber (10.4 mm), the future of modern rifles will meet all modern requirements. The actor praised the company’s ability to «Survey Systems» and manufactured its products, it is also more ammunition. Not a bad introduction and practical ability to use small guns justified by the fact that Seagal in his early years he served in various armies «special purpose» and a long stay in the country of the rising sun.
«On duty, I had to work with long-range rifles and shoot often,» — said the actor. His enthusiasm for small arms appeared at an early age, when he was still little boy «shot rifles and pistols, and after military service remains a hobby.» In the next Steven Seagal and increased its ability to constantly work on himself.

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