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Paszkiewicz: "Kamenetskaya land worthy, I think, said 105 anniversary of his own famous countryman Todor Klyashtorny. Was a full house of people over hundreds of school children and youth. Staged readings, read poems and sang songs in the word Todor Klyashtorny. As it is not quite spring- vernal warm day on earth happened Lepel prazdnichek reverence and majestic ganaravannya Belarusian poet "
I asked Maya Klyashtornaya share impressions of the current celebration.

in the center of the street naming dubbed Todor Klyashtorny

Klyashtornaya: "I have a very strong memory. Motherland father Riverlands — close about Stone, but it’s all the same. Christened here in the center of the street naming Todor Klyashtorny. Thanks to the enthusiasm of people who from their own parents remember what it was and who was on this earth. Came from nearby areas many students from 5 schools. Lepel With people came from Vitebsk region. remembrance, so strong, as if the Lord hid us here, and all the people who came and visited under his wing in memory of his father. "
Sous: "You were in the age of three months, together with her mother was sent to the Gulag, where you spent almost 18 years. Tell me, please, and the kids at the camp were aware that came with their parents, they were for himself the scale of repression?"
Klyashtornaya: "We then had no idea the norm for us was that was. We lived in barracks. Later children separately barracks built around the cooler and administration buildings. Since it was necessary to unite the kids separated from their mothers. Was wrong with us translate in drug a space for the area of the Gulag. "
Sous: "If June 3, 1988 in" Lima "published an article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva" Kurapaty. The road of perdition, "Do you remember your first feeling?"

I returned to Minsk, as then I could not move

Klyashtornaya: "I remember when I bought this newspaper. I went to the bookstore on the Tank to purchase something true, and I suddenly offer" Lim. "I took the time to train. In the train I begin to read. Remembering mine is that I read aloud. Around me people were already going heed. I failed to get to where I was wrong. I returned home. Recollection was very strong, so in front of me opened the trail where my father. Always I was waiting for him long enough. Later realized that can not wait, but I Zenon S. pochetaemy and Eugene Shmygalev showed my father’s grave. I returned to Minsk, as then I could not move … "

Sous"I remember how you showed me Kurapaty place where do you suppose his grave. There are different versions, where lie the remains of your father — in the park or in CHelyuskincev Kurapaty. Somehow will be identification of victims in Kurapaty. Where would you wish that was your father’s grave? "

Klyashtornaya "
"I believe that his tomb in Belarus. Dzyady later I had a dream that rise Kurapaty people from their own graves achaplyayuts this area, and only one second I am afraid not to burst the human chain. Had a strong recollection of a dream. I just asked: "People who are not breaking the circuit." And later in place of chain appeared blue stones, I say: "People become, people, let’s protect this place." I have no doubt that the soul and my father and his friends and those who knew such a fate, in Kurapaty. "
Sous"What’s left to discover your father Todor Klyashtorny poet?"
Klyashtornaya: "His soul was apparently felt … And when I went here, referred to his poems:
In ancient gave
On nepadlichanyh bones
We showed the population of the earth
And the right move and the right way.

This year, 105 years old, was born in Riverlands Todor Klyashtorny. He was shot 30 October 1937. Klyashtornaya Maya was born when his father was in the slammer. A few months after the birth of Maya’s mother was arrested. 5-6 years spent together with my mother in Karlag. And then share it with other babies were transferred to a separate camp site under the title "Pioneer". At age 18, she returned to Minsk. Many sick. Graduated Architecture and Civil Engineering College, after the Metropolitan Institute of Civil Engineering.
In May Todorovna two daughters. She Supervisor Kurapaty memorial.

Sous: In conjunction with Maya stone Klyashtoranay was a poet and editor kolshni "Lima" Anatoly Vertinsky. It was he who in 1988 decided to print the article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road perdition." I asked Anatoly Ilyich, or he was aware of what the consequences, and what role does it play in the history of Belarus?
Anatoly Vertinsky: "I do not think that in the beginning vsvedmlyav. For me it was a revelation, a kind of mental shock But in-1’s, there was no doubt that in the end it is time to tell this truth. There was no doubt that you want to print . predict that there will be difficulties ideological plan. More precisely speaking, thought that may prevent censorship. While there Glavlit. But, thank God, was able to publish this article without interference Galavlita including 2-Department of the Central Committee — propaganda and culture . Difficulties were when we were want to print the second article Poznyak "thunder over the graves of pine …"

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