Street name appeared on T.Klyashtornaga birthplace of the poet

By the 105th anniversary of the poet and translator of the repressed in one of 15 recently built family houses there is now a plaque in honor of the famous countryman.
According to biographical information, Todor Klyashtorny born in the village Porechye Lepel district. At the moment it is quite tiny settlement, and because local authorities considered more appropriate to honor the memory of the writer, named in his honor in the street near agro Stone.
In general, a few stone years ago was created a small museum memarylny Todor Klyashtorny local House of Culture. Middle of the exhibits are gifts relatives of the poet, his photo and literary works.
Todor Klyashtorny born 03.11.1903 in the village Porechye Lepel District, Vitebsk Region. Studied at the Workers’ in Orsha. In 1931 he graduated from the literary and linguistic branch of pedagogical faculty of the Belarusian Municipal Institute. Worked on the radio, in magazines and national newspapers. Was a member of "Foals", "hill", BelAPP. Published several collections of poetry, translated into Byelorussian individual works Vl.Mayakovskaga, M.Aseeva, A.Bezymenskaga, M.Galodnaga, A.Lahutsi, L.Pervamayskaga. The fall of 1936 g.byla arrested 29/10/1937, he was awarded the death penalty. 30/10/1937 shot was rehabilitated in 1957

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