Success of Russian companies: hard-to-oil is becoming easier

  • Only "TNK-Nyagan" as reserves Tyumen formation are more than 370 million tons of oil
  • Only "TNK-Nyagan" as reserves Tyumen formation are more than 370 million tons of oil

The first results of extraction of oil on the hard-to-Eat Egovskoye field, which serves one of the subsidiaries of OJSC "NK" Rosneft "-" TNK-Nyagan "- exceeded all expectations. On the day of the oil wells specialists had 35% higher than the targets (the estimated production rate was 112 tonnes per day).


As it became known on May 8 in Ugra on Em-Egovskoye field has produced the first hard-to-oil project itself started at the beginning of the year. The first program of this very "difficult" oil will go to the museum, and the 177th bush Em-Egovskoye deposits from this day will go down in the history of the entire oil field in Western Siberia — there began the development of fields with hard-to oil.

Oilers Nyagan have adopted the best experience of foreign colleagues and adapted to the conditions of the Tyumen Formation. The company's specialists used a new approach to the design of complicated reservoirs. The system allows the location of wells to combine all layers into a single object development and increase its efficiency. "This is the shortest hole, horizontal shaft is 600 meters — said the chief geologist of JSC" TNK-Nyagan 'Maxim Nikolaev. — Now we start to analyze how this technology adapts to fix all the parameters that influence the prognosis and extent of drilling. But today there is an understanding that we can move forward and build capacity. "

As a strategic partner to implement the project of horizontal drilling with multi-stage fracturing company "TNK-Nyagan" chosen by the "Halliburton" (Nalliburton). She has acted as project manager, sharing with partners all existing risks.

The subsidiaries of Rosneft, "TNK-Nyagan" and "SNG" have the largest in Western Siberia oil reserves, most of which belong to the category of hard. Only "TNK-Nyagan" such stocks Tyumen formation are more than 370 million tons of oil.

According to experts, the success in extracting oil scavenger that demonstrate subsidiaries NK "Rosneft", show the high potential and technological leadership in the industry, Russia's largest oil company.

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