Successful launch of Proton-M with the spacecraft, Viasat-1


October 19 at 22 h 48 min. MSK with launcher platform 39 200 Baikonur starting calculations of rocket-space industry of Russia made a successful launch of a space rocket "Proton-M" with the upper stage "Breeze-M" and the spacecraft "Viasat-1."


This start-up for "Proton" was the sixth start in 2011, and 369-m flying start in his stories.


In line with the program launch in 22 hours 58 minutes. orbital assembly composed of the spacecraft, and the transitional system booster "Briz-M", separated from the launch vehicle and continued autonomous flight.

After separation from the regular third-stage rocket booster "Briz-M" continued removal of spacecraft "Viasat-1" into the desired orbit.

The satellite into its target orbit was carried out with the help of five inclusions main engine upper stage "Breeze-M".

Separation of the spacecraft from the upper stage took place at the scheduled time of 8 hours, 00 minutes. 44 sec. MSK. The spacecraft passed to control the customer.

SC "Viasat-1" was created for the American communications company ViaSat and designed to provide Internet services and communications in the United States, Canada, in North America and Hawaii.

Spacecraft ViaSat-1 weight 6.7 tons was the most difficult foreign satellite launched on the launch vehicle family "Proton".…profilepage&v=o2kuUnyAREA

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