Successful launch TRK Point held in Kaliningrad

Start of tactical missiles "Point" is made in the Kaliningrad region on the Baltic Fleet missile exercises, the press service of the Western Military District.

"A tactical missile, following the flight of a ballistic trajectory, successfully hit the command post of the imaginary enemy. Target accuracy was 97% damaged area — about 7 hectares, "- said the press service.

It notes that this is the first launch of tactical missiles "Point" in the Kaliningrad region for the past three years.

Missile "ground-to-ground" was launched at the Baltic Fleet Training Ground "Pavenkovo." Start completed the next phase of training units Guards missile brigade of the Baltic Fleet coastal troops.

Missile system "Point" is designed to defeat ground-based reconnaissance and strike systems, command and control, parking aircraft and helicopters, ammunition storage facilities, fuel and other point targets. The complex was used repeatedly in the course of local conflicts, and has established itself as an effective means of destruction of objects and enemy. Rockets 'point' can be equipped with a high-explosive, cluster, chemical and nuclear warheads.

According to the correspondent of the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier," news agencies ARMS-TASS and Interfax-AVN

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