Successful testing of the AAMS Antey-2500


April 4, 2012 at the Kapustin Yar successfully tested SAM from the AAMS "Antey-2500". The target simulating a cruise missile had struck confidently.

Tests for the development team — every time the excitement that is transmitted to all who are present at the site. Technique worked reliably. After all, it is no secret that luck is on trial for a reason of pride for all the employees of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey ".

For the staff of the Center NIEMI performed works of great importance. In fact, the new products manufactured at the enterprises of the newly developed documentation, from scratch, for a little over two months have passed preliminary tests. Confirmed the high tactical and technical and operational characteristics of the complex. This indicates the high quality mining engineering documentation, which means that the team is still a high potential of the Centre.

 Comment by me for those who are not very interested in the defense: AAMS "Antey-2500" — an export version of the C-300B. For the Russian army purchased C-300V4, which has more advanced features. For those who want to become more familiar with the performance characteristics of "Antey-2500" please here. And thosex, who want to learn more the history of "Antey-2500", "Buk-M2", Tor-M2 ", please here.

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