Successfully completed environmental testing cars RIC dimension of TIZ

For five days the new RIC car manufactured by Siemens and Tver Carriage Works, visited the conditions and the Far North and equatorial Africa.

In Vienna (Austria) completed environmental testing of the first car of the international dimension RIC, built by Siemens in cooperation with the Tver Carriage Works (part of ZAO "Transmashholding"). The test results confirmed the compliance of the car to the specs and safe operation at high and low temperatures.

The tests were carried out of the car model 61-4476 in a climate chamber "Vienna-Arsenal" — the only one in Europe test facility of this type. Your camera allows you to test any equipment, including cars and airplanes, with temperature conditions from — 40 ° C to +50 ° C. Using the camera provides a unique opportunity to capture and evaluate the response of a particular technology to replace the temperature at the transition from warm to cold and vice versa.

Within five days of the specialists of JSC "SEZ" as well as the three institutions involved in the trial (Tver Railcar Institute, the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Hygiene and the Research Institute of Railway Transport), monitored around the clock readings that reflect the situation in the cell, committed changes, processes the data, gave a preliminary assessment. In this first application developed VNIIZHG methodology for environmental tests — both winter and summer — in a hospital.

The tests were successful, given conditions have been sustained and the characteristics of the car is fully confirmed.

In the near future RIC coaches will arrive in Russia for acceptance and certification tests. It is planned that they should be fully completed by October of this year.

The first deliveries of cars RIC on Russian railways are planned in 2012, and until the end of 2014 will be manufactured 200 new international cars.

Cars envelope RIC (Reglamento Internazionale delle Carrozze) are designed for use in international traffic. They correspond to the Russian and European requirements and operation of cars, as well as all international requirements for sanitation, environmental performance, passenger comfort, fire safety, traffic safety, etc. The cars are designed for the use of five different strains used in electric railways to Russia and other countries of Europe. Building cars designed for international passenger traffic carried by OAO "Russian Railways".

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