Successfully welded golden butt first line Nord Stream

August 19. The solemn ceremony of welding of the "golden joint" gas pipeline "Nord Stream" was held in Vyborg near St. Petersburg. "Gold" joint connected waterfront area thread on the Russian coast in the Bay of Port sea leg, passing through the Baltic Sea to the German coast. In the near future the first line will be fully ready to be filled with gas, followed by the start of direct gas supplies to Europe in the autumn of this year.
"We have started building a little over 16 months ago, in April 2010, and during that time to build a Baltic Sea 1224 km and built onshore facilities in Russia and Germany immediately for both lines. It was a big and hard work. — Says technical director of Nord Stream Sergei Serdyukov. — In addition, to date, has already laid half of the second line, which will be operational in the fourth quarter of next year. Such a high rate of construction gives us every reason to expect that in a year we will gather in the Russian Baltic coast for welding similar "golden" interface on the second line. "
A few days later the German bank first string of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream" will be connected to the European gas network. Thus the Russian gas transit network will be directly connected to a gas distribution network in Europe.
The pipeline has already been successfully tested for durability, the results of which confirmed their readiness for the safe operation of the pipeline for at least 50 years of age. "Nord Stream" — a modern line of the high quality and reliable long-term solution to ensure the efficient supply of gas to the EU

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