Surrounded the theater and actor … concerns …

"Russian Belarus" in 1928 prints of mandatory Minsk city ordinance "On the order of implementation and making cool drinks and ice cream", "Prohibit manufacture cool drinks on saccharin and aniline dyes. Allowed to manufacture ice cream only on boiled milk and sugar (saccharin is not allowed). Dye kalamashka trade ice cream in a snow white alkyd paint and kalamashka have room Kamgasam issued permission to place. "
Under the heading "Right to new heights of art!" "Lim" in 1938 writes: "Leading theater BSSR — Minsk Beldyarzhdramteatr included in own repertoire N.Pagodina play" Man With a Gun ", in which the image displayed genius proletarskay Revolution VI. Lenin. Surrounded the theater and actor, who is working on the honor role of VI Lenin, concerns, helping the theater in the creation of this play. "
The same "Lim" 1948 report by Alexander Bogatyrev situated at a general meeting of the BSSR composers: "France and the United States thrive" new "musical flow, imbued with magic and obscurantism. Novoyavlenny French" genius, "writes Olivier Messien software works on a completely magical deathly subjects. Igor Stravinsky, in search of sensation rushes from church music to circus buffoonery and back to the Middle Ages. Even among progressive musicians still strong extremist tendencies … "

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