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"To celebrate the village men Greenish Meadow that near Minsk, adored sit on the bench Tarasava home. Usually led owner Ray. He worked in a factory in the town, and so I knew what was happening in the world. Now for some reason it was not.
— Women they say that he brought from the town of some unusual thing.
— And it’s still a thing?
— Did not mention. One spouse beheld.
— Maybe gramophone?
— No, not a gramophone! That sipilis, then syphilis.
The village eventually sorted out in the urban domain Taras. And the desire to gather near his home at one time gone.
It was summer 1909. "

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "Prostitution, which was very common in the early twentieth century, Minsk, was not so much a safe occupation. She was accompanied by a sexually transmitted disease. Neuzh And it was so ignorant people that do not know about the existence syfilisu or more true in Belarusian, syphilis? "
Zahar Shibeko: "I do not think that the" urban "word syfilis was extensively known. Popularly called venereal disease syphilis. Well and health education did not affect the general population. Seasoned citizens only knew what a terrible disease was syfilis."
Rakytskyy: "Was there a fear in the society before syphilis How city government struggled with a sexually transmitted disease?"

Shibeko: "All measures to control prostitution were due to just the horror of this disease. Confused with the 1890s, twice a week have been tested. Healing is free of all unhealthy syfilis. But not all were examined and treated. In 1909, out of 260 ladies public houses during the year identified 134 infected, and more than half. midst of all the singles have been infected. secret Of the 146 prostitutes, 30 were unhealthy. They are all sent to the clinic. And how she was treated in a paramedic and traditional healers, no one knows. Minsk doctors testified that tormented by syfilisu 40 percent of prostitutes and of blenarei (tryperu) — more than 97 percent. campuses in RF syfilis percentage of patients in the midst of prostitutes was 35-40 percent. Minsk, as we see, the incidence rate was one of the highest in the empire. In years 1908-1913 annual recorded here about 4 thousand sexually transmitted diseases. These were the years in which the welfare Minskers obviously improved. "
Moderator: "How" sweet "life was the ladies who came out to the panel? Excellent if they earned their body?"
Shibeko: "In accordance with the value of" fees "Minsk prostitutes were divided into three categories. First twentieth century merchant putana received from 3 rubles and more middle-class — 1 ruble and more soldiers — 30 cents, and she had to serve 3 guys to reach the level of daily wage handymen. categories There were still organized and personal prostitutes. 1st served in public houses or almost always fall into the hands of pimps. But most prostitutes acted alone and in secret. "
Rakytskyy: "If prostitution was actually legalized means prostitutes pay taxes. Huh?"
Shibeko: "Prostitutes single, even if they were registered, did not pay taxes because pryravnivalisya, so to speak, to wage workers, although from time to time and vysokaaplachvanyh. They had to pay off only from the police. But householders debauchery pay city tax certainly. He, along with other means of town, went on record and give healing "easy virtue."
Rakytskyy: "What are the limits of power set for prostitutes?"
Shibeko"Butterfly" were on the street before the first hour of the night (not later than allowed). Upon admission to a public house instead of a passport obtained prastytutsyynuyu ladies sanitary or book. They could come back reversed only if they were taken ancestors when married and if worked three years in the community nurses. But such cases were not much, and so the girls actually got sex appeal in slavery until such time as might serve customers. Since 1901 government circular determined to give public houses last age — 21 year. "
Rakytskyy: "What lady went to the panel? Poor or, so to speak, pathologically perverse?"
Shibeko: "Vserasprostraneno the view that prostitution is a prerequisite for loss, not always confirmed. According to some reports, in Russia in 1910 because of poverty have become muddled only 10 percent of the total amount of recorded. Rekrutavalisya confused usually from unseasoned morally families aged 16 — 17 years. poor ancestors from time to time themselves pushed their daughters to such a "craft."
Moderator: "It turns out that there were those who gave prostitution to earn?"
Shibeko: "Well, there were many. Belashveyki, milliner serving confectionery, general ladies services, usually delayed in the secret network of prostitution, worked" in combination ". Was believed that each of them can be used to purchase. Such was the level of morality in men . Piety not hurt, either, maybe she weakened in the criteria of scientific and technical progress. "
Rakytskyy: "And child prostitution was also?"
Shibeko: "Fall on account of the police and juvenile. Minsk doctors shyly admitted that there was a need to issue tickets for prostitution of children. 10-14-year-old babies traded aunt kamisiyanerki. Child prostitution occurred in charity shelters, craft workshops in the midst bloodless. Prostitutes Kids imitated busy moms. "
Rakytskyy: "100 years ago, probably, contraception was not very developed. A means uttering confused orphans?"
Shibeko: "Yes. Births to unmarried ladies in Minsk became commonplace. During the first half of 1895 in the midst of urban maternal maternity shelter about 2-thirds were unmarried. Free maternity shelter in Russian Society for the Protection of ladies in 1905 half of the patients were not married. First XX century relative number of illegitimate births has become fixed in the smallest sizes. And it was apparently due to the expansion of abortion and the use of condoms, which are freely sold in at least some small town pharmacy. in society remained very negative attitude to birth out of wedlock, because the ladies tried to get rid of unwanted babies. In 1899, one third of mothers Minsk threw born babies. "
Rakytskyy: "As a society, are confused?"
Shibeko: "Sharply bad. Teachers Minsk schools complained that all tobacco shops openly exhibited and sold pornographic postcards. According to their opinion, it was a bad influence on young people in the twentieth century first pharmacies sold freely even modern facilities like Viagra. Public and Christian conviction was one circumstances of the prevalence of Latent prostitution. Ladies hid their occupation. They came on board late in the evening, when the city is asleep. Lofty shame Number and syphilis. Prostitution threw a shadow on decent urban dwellers. How insulting words sounded to give the address, even when they are not in order deserved. guy could not fault in any Infection with a young lady syfilisam and the police force was dragging her on the offensive to sanitary inspection doctor. adgarozhvalasya Company from fornication, and at the same time it is generated. "
Rakytskyy"So from what reasons Minsk proved among the most perverse cities?"
Shibeko: "Minsk did as an important reference center of Tsarism in Belarus as of Belarusian lands located at the crossroads and 2-railway lines. Here concentrated huge Russian military forces. State Provincial Administration and Management Libavo-Romenskaya the railroad filled mostly Russian bureaucrats. new industrial enterprises were invited young specialists from industrial centers of. Industrial and Comm
ercial Minsk giving work to rural and small-town youth. According to the composition of the city was young, different large concentration of unmarried guys. There was demand. urban dwellers lacked, and growing source of revenue village number of prostitutes . Breezing gastralerki and other urban centers. "
Rakytskyy: "In the royal Russian prostitution was legalized. Either justify it yourself? And what would happen if the tsarist government followed the path of the ban?"
Shibeko: "Legal prostitution is more useful to the state and civilized business than society. She, like alcohol, serves some social shock absorber. Distracts youth from public affairs. Make love, not politics! Because tsarist government chose a more suitable option itself. At militaristic state could not be different. Prostitution performed typical logistics support multi-million Russian troops. legalized it is no coincidence that the king-martinet Nicholas I ".
Rakytskyy: "What fate realized Minsk prostitutes after the fall of the royal Russian Empire and the Bolsheviks came to the Belarusian land?"
Shibeko: "In 1917-1920 years public houses still preserved. Minsk prostitutes catered Russian Bolsheviks, the Germans, the Poles. Only 9 August 1920 activities houses of debauchery in Minsk was banned Vaenrevkamam BSSR. Putana were underground. Their fate has long worried public. no accident that the first movie filmed in Belarus in 1926, called "prostitute nailed life." However, he never came out. "

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