Sydney Pollack died

Film 1969 "They Shoot horses target, is not it?" in the Russian public has caused a mental shock. Nothing of the kind we have not beheld. Two hours on the display dance marathon times Lofty American Depression of the 1930s, which fell yagokaga participants willing to die for the prize. Profound tension acts stunning drama actor execution. Then the first time we have seen and loved actress Jane Fonda. Film had seven nominations for "Oscar" and the actor Gig Young won the prestigious statuette for best supporting actor.
Of all the American directors of the "golden time" of South American cinema tyscha nine 60s and 70s with viewpoint Russian rolled a lucky Sydney Pollack and Stanley Kramer. Their films were taken for political and social orientation. The critics wrote about the decline of the bourgeois society of the South American and Russian audience opened himself to her previously unknown cinematic language and the names of Hollywood stars. I would say more — specifically through the paintings Kramer and webs we really met and South American art directors and actors. With the release of movies on Russian screens panels "They Shoot horses target, is not it?" "Three a day or condor" "Life in debt," "Out of Africa," "Tootsie" actors Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand, Robert Retfard, Dustin Hoffman, Streep measured broke into the closed Soviet space and pushed the number of pets Russian stars.
I remember the queue at the box office in Minsk cinemas, when they showed "Three a day or Condor" — Cleverly filmed spy story in which all the characters are double agents, presumably working for the CIA. In the golden fund of world comedies entered chips Sydney Pollack "Tootsie."
Most eminent film webs "Out of Africa" in 1986 was nominated for 11 "Oscars" and received seven. In this case, two statues got himself Pollack — for the best film and best director.
Sydney Pollack not only put movies, and filmed himself intensively as in the paintings of famous film directors, for example, Woody Allen ("husband and wife"), or Stanley Kubrick ("With eyes closed broadly"), as well as in their own. Last movie, where he appeared in a scene was shot in them 2007, — "Michael Clayton."
Polak was born July 1, 1934 in Indiana to a Jewish family of immigrants from Russia. Died at his home in Los Angeles from cancer. The diagnosis put him back in the past year, but localized disease doctors could not.
Now in acres on nekralog Worldwide American worldview reminded critics that Polak made films with great respect to the mind and the public taste.

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