T.Keysi about vydvarenne diplomats: unreasonable and unjustified action

"It is unreasonable and unjustified action. This is done Only as a result of U.S. support for activists fighting for democracy and human rights in Belarus. It is a pity, because, in truth, the main result of this will be forthcoming and the isolation of Belarus Belarus removal from the goals that she voiced — contacts and full role in the international community. "
Tom Casey said the United States will fulfill the requirement Belarusian authorities that within 72 hours 10 American diplomats declared non grata persons have to leave the area of Belarus. According to State Department spokesman, U.S. consider the full range of options for future development diplomacy relations between With 2 countries.
"We have warned Belarusian authorities, we can do the following steps. We have warned them that vydvarayuchy significant portion of our employees, they do for us is very difficult to maintain the current mission this country, and that may require some additional acts. "
May 1 agency "Associated Press," said that U.S. intended to close its embassy in Minsk, Belarus and claim close embassy in Washington and an office in New York, but at the last moment refused this. Tags: united states, the State Department, Casey, Belarus

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