T.Kim: Immediately after the trial scion wrote: Do not worry

The new process will start over Andrei Kim on April 16th in the 10-hours. April 1st meeting has already started, but the tribunal decided to combine the two cases against activists and suffered hearing. Tatyana Kim said she has already received from the son a letter written immediately after, he was brought to the detention center of the court.
"He saw that I nervuyusya, and immediately written to reassure me. Sent me quotations from the Bible to support. And I wrote that we are bound to win."
According to Tatyana Kim, she was in court with his son did not even exchange a "not allowed as watchmen."
Let me remind you, Andrei Kim threatens a couple of years sign the Tipo in violation of public policy, hooliganism and endangering police.
Tribunal over Sergei Parsyukevich not yet been appointed, but it has been decided that the judge activist Vladimir Avdeenko of the Metropolitan District Court of Minsk. Relatives had hoped that will pass in Minsk Sergei remand asthma medicine, but did not.
"He writes about the threat that completed his medication, and to relieve seizures begin stabbing a product that is in the prison. Deshevenky He and strong, you get used to it quickly, and later other great medications are no longer valid."
Natalia Parsukevich, referring to a spouse, was critical of the medical service in the detention facility.
Businessman faces up to 6 years for beating bullpen Tipo watchman on Akrestin bullpen. Sergei Parsyukevich states that Actually this policeman beat him.
Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich reports, that at the moment 8 activists uchavstvujut in the relay hunger strike for the liberation Alexander Kozulin and stop the harassment of the opposition.
"Now finish hunger strike defenders Catherine Sadovskaya and Tatiana Mironova. They intercede for the replacement lawyer Sergei Navoev and several activists of the youth movement and the business."
Alexander Kozulin has been in prison more 2 years. On April 4 in Vitebsk colony politician met a lawyer. "His health condition is average. And He says -" medium "- said the lawyer. Tags: Kozulin, political prisoners, Parsukevich, com

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