T.Kim: My son — a conscientious citizen of Belarus

Andrei Kim has more than two months in detention in a remand prison in Valadarski Street.
If the tribunal recognizes activist guilty of using violence during a rally in the development of business or such danger, he could be sentenced to two years in jail. Political prisoner guilty himself does not recognize.
Guest "Freedom" — Andrei’s mother Tatyana Kim.
Hanna Sous: "Mrs. Tatiana, what do you expect from this court?"
Tatyana Kim: "I expect, of course, that my son was released. For me is very hard day, and at the same time I hope it will unleash. We have applied three weeks back, so he changed the measure of restraint and was released on bail. Now it will considered, and I very much hope that it will unleash. Yesterday I had a feeling that he was next to me. "
Sous: "The Tribunal over Andrei Kim held in the building where he studied — the Belarusian Lyceum, later closed by the authorities, it is currently Tribunal Central district of Minsk. Tatiana, who will work with you to support the Tribunal Andrew?"
Kim: "All his friends, and even friends will come from Russia. Will come my friends that I have appeared after this misfortune happened. I met new people who have become my dear. They now come to support me and my son Andrew. It will be young people and people of my age. "
Sous"Mrs. Tatiana, or you immediately supported public activity of his son? Or changed your attitude towards his political position? "

Now I had absolutely understand and support

Kim: "No, of course. I had previously lived a totally different life — the only home and work. ‘Cause I’m really very worried for their own offspring. He was my only offspring. Says: what for you need it, etc.. Since my offspring believer, he read. what to do good to people. And at the moment he wrote me letters, "not engaged in politics, and do good things for people, but unfortunately, it is always associated with the policy. I do not know why, but at this point I had absolutely understand and support. For me it is important that my son — conscientious and decent citizen of Belarus "

Sous"You state that received the email? When did you last beheld offspring What he writes, how he keeps?"
Kim: "In all the recent letters he reassures me. Writes that I should not worry. He is grateful for the support of everyone who is going through him. Turns out that in the letters I reassured him, and he me. Both he and I fear that all these tests, which God gave us, we survived with dignity.
We had only one meeting. I asked for an interview for a long time, I refused, and later before going to refer the matter to the tribunal, have allowed encounter. It was like a dream. Now until the end do not even remember this meeting, since I was the only one idea — to support him and look so that he was not worried that he beheld that everything is fine with me. meeting at this level and there was .. I beheld that he was trying to show that he was all fine, so I’m not worried, and I it was also the only idea that he beheld that with me all right, and that he would there is relaxed. "
Sous: "I know that in the bullpen Andrew engaged in literary translations from the British. Tell the us about it. Either he translated before?"

So hard that the first time it seemed to me that I can not stand

Kim"He was fond of earlier literary translations, even when studied in school. It seems to me that he is coming out. He is very passionate about English Christian philosopher Clive Staples Lewis is his beloved writer. He loves his" Chronicles of Narnia "- these are Christian philosophical tales.’s his old dream — to translate "The Chronicles of Narnia."
Sous: "Andrew — your only son, I understand how to you at the moment difficult. What helps to keep?"
Kim"So hard that the first time I felt that I can not stand. And all the people I know now, which I am very grateful, they have supported me in the first minute to the last. Thanks to them, I hold.’s All it friends. I also called Andrei Klimov, supported me, and Alexander Kozulin, his family, which I know now and they are very grateful. Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, all I can not even remember … and I’m very grateful. Simply by them I can say, remained alive … "

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