Take a step forward and two steps later reversed

Ivan Shun’ko: Shadow turnover Income not deduce
Deputy Minister of Finance in an interview with Liberty he explained it, where did the 12% rate.
Stanislav Bogdanovich for small income without tax
Past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus S.Bogdankevich believes that it is necessary to welcome the introduction of a single rate of 12%, as in Belarus very large shadow economy.
V.Marahin: "The poor do not become poorer"
Victor Marahin, Deputy Chairman of the budget, money and tax policy in the House, says that a few configuration options considered tax.

Leonid Zaika: do not need 12% and 10%

Managing center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika said that 15 years writes on this topic and argued that this would be the best method to start the reform of the tax system.

M. Dubovik: "Voters often asked about taxes"

Member of the House of Representatives Nikolai Dubovik states that support the improvement of the tax system, first — reduction in tax rates.
S.Balykin: tax will be easier to pay
Lawyer and businessman Sergei Balykin believes that a single income tax rate makes it cplatu.
Government is trying to improve and simplify the procedure and conditions for implementation in Belarus income tax on individuals. On behalf of the Prime Minister of Belarus Ministry of Finance has developed several options income tax scale. At the moment, the Ministry of money tend to 12%. But, as reported by the Ministry of taxes and fees, the final decision on this issue is still pending.
Currently in Belarus has a five-level scale: 9%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%.
According to the Ministry of money in 2006, the average rate of income tax exemption in the entire national economy of Belarus amounted to 12.5%.
According to the economist Misha Zaleski, the introduction of 12% tax would mean a tax increase for 3 chvertak population

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