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Young activists of the democratic movement on April 2 of the Russian embassy in Minsk launched white-red-white flags and posters "of — not Europe — yes." So they tried to mention municipal prazdnichek — day union of Belarus and Russia. One of the participants in the celebration Palina Kuryanovich arrested for 10 days. On the topic of the Belarusian-Russian unity and expression of listeners:
Man: "Russian integrators in the economy lead to the deal to fail Belarusian enterprises and pick up on the cheap the main enterprises of Belarus. Example of this — the Minsk Automobile Plant. Taking their hands on the economy of Belarus, Russian imperialism, just deal with its independence. Patriot Belarus needs to keep this in the head and give tribute to resist all sorts of obvious and hid the enemy of our independence. "
Spades: "Come in, please, is there anywhere in the world as the days of Unity of Peoples prazdnichek and why we have prazdnichka unity of the peoples of the Belarusian and Polish? Was the same time, we lived together with them in the royal eastern empire, a common border and a common European identity. And more. Does the Russian Federation, for example, a day of unity of the peoples of Russia and Chuvashia or Yakut and Russian peoples as prazdnichek? Thank you. Excuse me, but these discussions have already got the friendship of the Belarusian and Russian peoples. "
Answers to the question political analyst Andrei Fedorov:
"Such prazdnichkom nowhere, and I think, it’s only political rhetoric to control both countries. Especially if the only prazdnichek introduced. Why not with Poland? This is understandable, because Poland has gone the method, and Belarus for her, unfortunately, no. In Russia from Chuvashia either, because they are not united, and our homeland absorbed Chuvashia. You are right when they state that the speech of the Russian Federation already tired. I quite agree with you. "
In Bucharest held a two-day NATO summit, where the question of joining the union of Ukraine and Georgia. Expression this topic:
Radimovski Yuri, Bobruisk: "I think all the discussions on Georgia and Ukraine into NATO boil down to the fact that the Russian Empire, which actually has an undemocratic and totalitarian view, afraid of losing the Ukraine, because that really took the path of democratic development. There are many people who are against the introduction of NATO, but with age, I think it will resolve. "
Continue aaplet statements on various other topics:
Victor Butoh, Minsk: "Why has appeared and is in the bullpen Alexander Kozulin? Answer to this question is simple: it is a real independence Belarusian, which showed through the power of his subordinates. Other words, at least some innocent citizen may be perceived as povinet. And he can pick up any constitutional rights and freedom at any time of. Thank you. "
Emperor "Miron bold":
"Be careful, usmotritelny,
Belarusians brothers!
In a bad moment
Do you make searches.
Break into your room
And to disturb you. "

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