Tarzan in Belarusian on DVD

Belarusian feature "Tarzan" is that song on the British language peraspyavav in Belarusian Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich.
Project Manager Ales Kvitkevich emphasizes that "Tarzan" in Belarusian — first of a planned series.
The project created with the creative association "and Divnoty pamarotstvy" and the company "Sotvar." In previous years, the series is already out on the white laminatedRussian language children’s animation world hits: "The Little Mermaid," "Alice in Wonderland" "The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" and others. But the tapes were published on cassettes. Forward Ales Kvitkevich:
"We decided to each of an old cartoon, which was in time voiced on whiteRussian language, add one newcomer, and republish it all on high-quality digital media. "
About the near future:
"Follow-up will be the" Company monsters "plus" Shrek 1 "on one disc, and later will be" Samahodiki "plus" Toy Story. "
Cartoon "Tarzan 2" was released in the studio "Disney" in 2005. This story malehankih boy who is being raised animals and became supergeroem the jungle.
Ales Kvitkevich continues:
"It is totally amazing animated interpretation of the book of the world famous writer Edgar Rice Berovza — classics of children’s literature."
According to Alexander Kvitkevicha, CD with "Tarzan" is already can be found at the book fair "Belexpo" that Yanka Kupala Street, 27, also-independent distributors. Tags: cartoons, Disney, and Tarzan, divnoty, pamarotstvy

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