Tatyana Kim: I hope that Andrew released

March 31 Minsk will host the first meeting of the organizing committee for the "Chernobyl Way." Head of the Organizing Committee Alexander Milinkevich explains to us why he agreed to lead this work:
"In 1-x, as well know the difficulties of the Chernobyl zone. More than once I’ve been there. For example, two days was reversed in Zhytkavichy, Mozyr and elsewhere Gomel region. In-2, not so long ago was in Gorki. And there antinuclear initiative gathered a half thousand signatures against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. I think these two issues should be paramount. "

In mon favorites United Democratic Forces of Belarus, the CEC will give their proposals for changes in the electoral code of practice implementation. Viktor Kornienko — Managing expert group that produced these changes, says that the current Electoral Code itself for itself quite democratic. But when it comes to its specific implementation, and here there is a huge amount of problems. Remove them, you can, if you wish the authorities through regulations and annotations CEC, said the expert:

"That law gave not only the rights that were at the theoretical level and in the Constitution of the USSR, but also small warranty. Our proposals provide an opportunity to join the representatives of democratic parties to form electoral tools."

On April 1
Central District Court of Minsk started the trial of activist Andrei Kim. Its more than 2 months behind bars hold. If the tribunal recognizes activist guilty of using violence during a rally in the development of business or such danger, he could be sentenced to two years in jail. But Andrew Kim guilty not guilty. "Nobody lupil not stopped trucks, did not call for violence" — Andrew read at the inquest.

Mom activist Tatyana Kim relies on a fair tribunal:
"I really hope that Andrew released. He did not povinet. Naturally, the government will not apologize to him, he wrote, not for arrested. But I hope that they would release ".
On April 2 begins the last session of the House of Representatives today with the deputies. In a political lobby to hear that the update will affect up to 70% of active deputies, because many MPs, like, will not participate in the new elections. On the question of whether you are going to run again for the House, the deputy Nikolai Dubovik, whose constituency covers Stolbtsovsky, Uzdensky and part of Volozhin district, and which constantly works in the House since the beginning of its formation, is responsible:
"At the moment I do not say in their own words and his own wife:" Dubovik, you have to work honestly to the last days of his own convocation. And then — if you elect your MPs, means you will continue to deputy. And if not — go to another job. Your experience will always be needed. "

3rd April Tribunal held over Vitebsk human rights activist Pavel Levinov. Lyavinau’ve tried to condemn. But then doctors ambulance due to a tribunal recorded Paul inflated pressure and assured that it can be the basis for the transfer process. Prior to the Levinov petitioned adjourned meeting due to the disgusting feeling. But the referee refused to meet Lena Beetle petition. As a result, the tribunal and were caused by doctors.
From April 5th in a number of educational establishments of Belarus begin professional psychological interview:
This interview certainly for future professionals, according to which the Ministry of Education, nominated by special requirements. A special commission will decide or not to advise the candidate for admission to the profession, "governance", "governance and economy", "international affairs", "international law", "Law", "journalism" and others.
Past Vice-Rector of BSU Anatoly Pavlov:

"People who prepare such documents and sign them, I would recommend a look Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. And right there is written that every citizen of the Republic of Belarus on a competitive basis shall be entitled to free education. Here go, show their knowledge. And everything else — this is a gross violation of the law and boorish. "

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