Teachings in landfills coastal forces of the Northern Fleet in Murmansk region


  • MLRS multiple rocket launchers BM-21 "Grad"
  • MLRS multiple rocket launchers BM-21 "Grad"

More than a thousand soldiers and one hundred pieces of cannon artillery and rocket participate in tactical exercises which began at the sites of coastal troops of the Northern Fleet in Murmansk region, said the head of information security news service WEST along the Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.

According to him, in the active phase of the exercise calculations of reactive systems "Grad" and self-propelled howitzers, "Carnation", "Acacia" execute fire missions on the suppression and destruction of military equipment and personnel of the imaginary enemy, and then commit to maneuver out of the kill zone of fire means the imaginary enemy.

"The exercise involves all artillery units coastal forces of the Northern Fleet. Battle shooting takes place with the use of self-propelled guns, artillery, anti-tank guns, multiple rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and field artillery guns," — said Sergey.

He added that about 60% of the personnel involved in the collection of the camp, are conscripts, who arrived in the last draft.

"The main objectives of the camp was to improve the collection of field training of personnel, skill artillery calculations, combat coordination units, improving the practical skills of commanders and staffs in the management units in various types of combat," — said the head of the department.

The camp fee is held in difficult climatic conditions of the Arctic. Landfills organized paragraphs heating, additional military issued insulated winter clothing, said the Navy.


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