Teachings of Russian air defense forces

In the Krasnodar Territory defense forces defeated the imaginary enemy. On reflection scale attacks took several days. According to legend, the enemy tried to break into the airplanes and helicopters.

The exercises were held on Eysk landfill — the largest artillery range in the south of Russia. Within days, a massive army units reflect the curriculum attack from the air. They practiced skills with technology and interaction units.

The squat fighting vehicles crossed the field at full speed. Missiles "Strela-10" come to the firing lines. In the event of a real encounter with the modern foreign army is these units come in the first fight.

Part of the defense conducted large-scale exercises in southern Russia. The targets simulate enemy aircraft and helicopters, which launched a massive attack. While aviation constrain advanced units on the borders out our main strength. In order to gain air supremacy in the battle positions on the ground put forward an army air defense system. It complexes "Tunguska", "Shilka" anti-aircraft guns, and one of the most mobile and effective means to destroy air targets — a portable anti-aircraft missile system "Needle".

Soldiers with the "Needle" on the shoulders are sent to the front line of defense. This complex and although designed in the Soviet era, has recently undergone modernization and now can even shoot down cruise missiles. And figure out where the MANPADS any enemy hard.

"It is used by one person to carry, transport. Rocket is launched from the ground as well as with any vehicle, whether or armored car," — said Dmitry Kozlov, the deputy commander of the platoon anti-aircraft missile batteries of the 56th Guards Airborne Brigade .

A fighter with a complex "Igla" disappears as suddenly as it appears. During the exercise, all the equipment several times changes position — receives new input. It is still another object of the exercise — the officers of various departments here and motorized infantry and paratroopers, must learn to work together. While maneuvering missile systems "Boom," their covers anti-aircraft gun "Tunguska". Dozens of such anti-aircraft guns in the area of fighting pose insurmountable for aviation veil.

"This complex is designed to defeat various types of aerial targets. Such as helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, and of course, jets. Works in the battalions of the first tier, both in defense and offense," — says Sergey rule, the commander anti-aircraft battalion 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade.

All types of equipment used at the site, have long been in service. But the officers on the basis of maneuvers indicate that their capabilities have increased — army air defense missiles were a new development. Effectiveness of their use will be tested again this year. After a few months in the south will be large-scale exercises "Caucasus-2012".

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