«Terminator 2» as a symbol of the revival of the Russian defense industry

Fiery show in Nizhny Tagil pleased novelties weapons and military equipment

From 25 to 28 September at the site «Prospector» belonging Tagil Institute of Metal tests, successfully passed IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition RussianArmsEXPO 2013. It took part about 400 companies from 40 countries.

On the field, tanks rumbled

The exhibition confirmed own highest international status. And as before remains the best in the world in the midst of forums weapons for the Army. This is the only place where military equipment, except driveways, shows the real combat shooting and makes combat tasks. Then shoot out all: small guns, melee weapons — hand grenade launchers and flamethrowers, artillery, tanks, armored vehicles and multiple rocket launchers. And the audience watching from the stands personally hit accuracy and high-explosive projectiles action. Here even the helicopters involved. Pair of Mi-24 twice stormed the target field volleys unguided missiles, prompting ecstatic audience.

Exclusively in Nizhny Tagil has a swimming pool area of ​​7.5 thousand square meters. m and a depth of 5 m, which demonstrate the ability to float armored vehicles. And are aimed fire of artillery and machine guns at targets on shore.

If earlier shooting showed some pieces of equipment, the demo program from today’s exhibition episodes cut in performing combat tasks among multiple machines. And even with the role of the infantry assault. For example, two self-propelled howitzers «MSTA-S» were consuming lots of 152-mm shells. One ACS — direct fire, the other — half fire. But with all this ammunition came in goal almost immediately.

Another episode shows the item «Uralvagonzavod» — T-90S tanks and T-72M1, armored fighting vehicle tank support BMPT-72 («Terminator 2»). They hit the intended target, then planted a group of special forces of troop compartment BMPT and stormed the enemy. After the assignment commandos returned back to the car. Total demo programm included 22 episodes in which involved more than 100 vehicles.

The first time was shown in action languid flamethrower system TOS-1 «Pinocchio» paired with transport and loading machine. Viewers impressed gap thermobaric warhead missiles. It happened about 3 km, but jumped Tribune palpable.

Transport machines just ran around florid obstacle, bouncing on artificial potholes and other obstacles. A column of engineering machines «Uralvagonzavod» in chipper pace shown its ability to prof. Bridgelayer very rapidly unfolded and set the bridge. Armored vehicle clearance trawl road car razgrazhdeniya metal hand-mixer pilfered blockage of iron urchins and concrete blocks. Recovery vehicle took off on an iron rope weighty tank.

Since 2000, constantly attending the exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, see how every year it becomes more comfortable for spectators and exhibitors. There are demo pavilions, in which, despite the cool autumn, was very warm. Built a very successful and spacious press center. Reporters without problems can process and send your material to the editor. The only thing missing — RAM disk imaging. In past times the various press releases appeared almost before the action itself. Although, in fact, a question for the exhibitors themselves, who must plead for his own advancement of information. But in today’s exhibition accredited journalists constantly receive SMS notification of upcoming events. This, of course, an invaluable service.

Machine, which has not yet been

Appeared presentation pavilion equipped with appliances 5D. Indeed, the unique structure. Presented here BMPT-72 («Terminator 2»). In the hall a large concave screen. Before him stands a fighting machine itself. Fading light and BMPT begins to move against the background of the Ural landscape, crushing trees. Later breach the fence — only chips fly, sweeping cars car bursts into flaming streets of the town, is fire. Passing from summer to winter, BMPT-72 suddenly bursts into a sandy desert …

At first it seems that the armored car really goes. Later, you begin to realize that the display show the film, in which the image is aligned with reality, and the machine is stopped. But the memories are very strong. Although the presentation came out a few monotonous. That’s because BMPT-72 always moves in one direction. In a subsequent presentation, I think, will be able to combat vehicle often turn and back up.

Speaking of the desert and palm trees. All information products «Uralvagonzavod» and several similar companies was dressed in a tan desert camouflage. In the open area from a distance of a hundred paces this coloring merged into a solid shaft sand dunes with shadows on. And just coming closer, you begin to discern what is individual machines. On the background of autumn gold Ural (polygon middle of the taiga indescribably lovely) looks particularly desert camouflage. But, on the other hand, the main client Russian armored vehicles, usually just camouflage and such orders.

Tank support combat vehicle BMPT emerged as a response to the modern battlefield strategy. Local wars of the last decades have shown that the tank remains as before severe breakthrough instrument, the criteria urbanized and industrial building needs to be protected from enemy grenade. Far is not always possible to omit every tank landing marines, so they covered it in combat. Their function should take the support combat vehicle with massive arms.

In 2000, «Uralvagonzavod» introduced a machine designed almost at his own expense. Armed with a 30 mm cannon, machine guns and automatic grenade launchers AGS, many liked it, but it did not take arms. Only Kazakhstan bought 10 pieces.

And now there’s a new standard — BMPT-72. The numbers indicate that the base is taken for T-72 tank. Instead tower appeared armored cockpit, which the module is installed with weapons as part of 2-30-mm automatic cannon 2A42 (900 rounds); 7.62 mm machine gun PKTM (2000 rounds); ATGM like «Friendly» or «Cornet» (four missiles on the launcher tower). Crew — three people.

BMPT-72, also called the «Terminator 2» is available as upgrade option obsolete T-72 tanks. And in this way has the potential to be adopted by the Russian army. Many countries have a huge number of these tanks are given the ability to reincarnate relatively cheap part of combat vehicles in ultramodern weapons — mobile, highly secure and well-armed military units. One BMPT ‘Terminator’ superior firepower two mechanized infantry platoon 6 BMP.

Body armor as the T-90, but are equally strengthened from all sides, and not only in the frontal part. Automatic fire control system (FCS) «Frame». Gunner includes a thermal channel, optical channel, ground equipment control laser beam guidance channel anti-tank and a laser rangefinder.

Panoramic commander’s sight has a field of view of 360 degrees, has optical, low-level laser rangefinder and television channels. As commander may need to display the image on the thermal sight gunner own screen.

Nizhny Tagil Russian-French

Obtaining the status of an international, Nizhny Tagil exhibition was rebranded. From left here shaped as letters N, instead of the Russian Expo Arms became Russia Arms Expo, and to put the best memory reduction RAE. Official Logo — these three little letters inscribed in a rhombus. Specifically rhombus on military maps are designated tanks.

But just to be called international exhibition and become a matter of fact — not so simple. Since 1999 in Nizhny Tagil try to lure foreign gunsmiths with their products. And only today, the first time there appeared a full-scale standard Western European armored vehicles — armored Titus French firm Nexter Systems. Well, then stood in the hall, and did not show their driving characteristics on the obstacle course. Generally the French surpassed his presence zabugornyh all other guests.

— We came Tagil Russian-French exhibition — jokes Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» by Igor Sevastyanov ground weapons. He is leading a delegation of the foreign trade organization in the exhibition. — Of all the foreign companies present 99% of French.

Usually, when they write about the results of similar exhibitions, lead sum contracts, namely the number of negotiations and business meetings.

— We had a number of meetings, the 10-ka in two common difficulties — meets Igor Sevastyanov right question. — Oh no you can say about any tact we keep silent. Meetings are different. There are specifically related to contracts for the supply of arms exports. Here there is already some specificity, this information is not available for all eyes and ears.

Well, yes, if you remember nedavneshny Capital Airshow MAKS, there echoed amount of contracts for the supply of the main civilian aircraft and helicopters. But the sale of military aircraft was virtually no disk imaging. Trade instrument does not tolerate noise.

— Lots of negotiations currently underway at the enterprises of the state corporation «Rosteh» — continues Igor Sevastyanov. — There is a technical discussion, looking for new ways of cooperation. Currently a number of projects the creation of future technology for the Army — this is a joint development in one degree or another. French leaders here — it feels for the exhibition. There is regular and thermal imaging equipment and other products sverhtehnologichny. Another example of cooperation — the standard of the Italian Finmeccanica machine with Russian machineguns. Popravde, thinking a lot, but they are difficult to put into practice, because it requires a lot of approvals, permits, research. But as they say, the Russian harness slowly, but moving rapidly.

— And yet, Igor O. why so little foreign firms represented at the exhibition? Wrong time? Maybe worked transfer exhibition from July for fall?

— Invitations were sent to many countries. Means — and defense ministers, and the embassy military attache in the machine. But delegations arrived around 20. According very impartial reasons, we explained to them, many were not able to go. I do not think that this is due to the season. Summer was heavy: Naval Show in St. Petersburg, and MAX, and at this time zabugornye exhibition. So nepoprostu it was decided to make an exhibition of weapons for the Army during the period of a lull.

— We meet with various foreign firms — continued the representative of «Rosoboronexport». — Everyone has a budget and annual exhibition calendar role in exhibitions. And everyone understands that, maybe in Tagil not necessarily go. Although the actual buyers of vehicles with which agreements were signed by the land art, they naturally all visited here. Polygon unique, and when there is a question of where to draw «battle tank», I always read: «Here.» But for the moment deal with organizers of the «land» Eurosatory exhibition in France, which will be held next year and exchanged views, and, of course, it became clear that some remote Tagil plays a role.

Ask Igor Sevastyanov cooperation with the French.

— We started with the opening of the exhibition in the Russian-French group of the Army. We have a Russian-French Committee on Technical Cooperation in the framework of this committee made three subgroups. This subgroup of the land — I am co-chair, naval, made on the eve of signing the contract and construction of helicopter type «Mistral». And aviation group.

But because the Russian aircraft industry in the interests of customers from other countries working in cooperation with foreign firms, it is again the same in the main are French. In other words, we have to talk about anything, to bring some results. Yesterday we finished the Russian-French meeting by signing a contract with Thales and Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant (VOMZ). Over the past seven years made many bought modern technology, are devices that are going on in the Russian army, and for export. There is a repair on the basis of already existing VOMZ Russian-French technique. Slowly, but we are moving forward properly. Fully aware true that we do not need a «screwdriver». The president and government are turning their attention to the fact that if the purchase of technology for military cooperation, they should be the most advanced. Currently connect new players connect the country where there was a massive conventional military capabilities, but at the moment willing to work with the localization of production in the field, to participate in projects. Who was a delegation from Turkey, which has its own military industry, very willing to work with the Russians. Will surely be a result. Well, the Belarusian «Peleng» Historically, Thales, «Rosoboronexport», «Uralvagonzavod» — a partner for many years. There were several meetings devoted directly to the arrival of delegations to explore this technique «Uralvagonzavod». Feel, touch, climb into the cockpit, twist tower look like shoots. And I have a sincere desire and confidence that even if not 100%, but some part of these negotiations still end with the signing of contracts.

We have a very common argument. We show this polygon, it is difficult to argue — all on sight: T-90 tank hits the target in a jump out of a cannon, armored vehicles fall, BMP shoot helicopters hit. This advantage of the landfill, but the remoteness and, I must say, not 100 percent comfortable, infrastructure and accommodation. But if this polygon will be given attention, funds control, by itself, it will change. Who remembers what the situation was here 10 years ago? Another two or three shows, and we hope we will come to some military oasis.

Layout latest BMP wheel with 57-mm automatic cannon developed with Renault Trucks Defense and AO Research Institute «Petrel» exhibition RAE-2013 (Russian Arms Expo) in Nizhny Tagil.
Source: armyrecognition.com

— What fraction of the Russian Federation on the world market equipment for the Army?

— Our homeland is currently ranked first in the world in the export of the heavy armor. Creating British «Challenger» suspended French «Leclerc» suspended. German «Leopard» go by modernization. Well, so did we. That car that was released in 1980, with a degree of modernization receives characteristics of the modern tank. Put a new sighting system allows to detect targets at a distance of 7.5 km and hit them funny day and NIGHT MODE, in all weather criteria of upgraded guns at a distance of up to 5.5 km, also keep the fire from a machine gun at mnogokalibernogo goals and lightly armored helicopters without departing commander from the tank. We have increased the capacity of the motor, improved driving characteristics. This T-72 tank. We have a number of contracts, where we are passionate together with «Uralvagonzavod» modernization previously supplied equipment. It has hundreds of units. There are countries where 200-300 T-72 tanks that are ready together with us to modernize them. Always find a common language on prices.

Contracts last 5-7 years have shown who the market first — Russian Federation. Which tanks purchase of 300, 400 units, whose? T-90 — Russian Federation. And here is near multiple rocket launcher «Twister.» And Kalashnikov rifle, which is not afraid of any mud or clay, nothing.

We currently do not offer some sort of unity. Certainly, to the machine must be correct ammunition. We are in a severe dialogue with a number of prospects for constructing and transfer of licenses, assistance in the development of its own production of small guns and ammunition abroad. We have so called all-encompassing commercial offers where we say: here for you personal protection, that platoon, group car. That’s for you ammo, night vision here, tablet …

In 2003, the land component in arms exports was U.S. $ 260-300 for the moment fraction of 28% by land. This 2.5-3 billion. U.S. Growth in 7-10 times.

You can talk about the need of ground forces, the presence of high-precision weapons. But remember an old proverb: «Where not set foot infantryman armed no victory.» So «by land» was, is and will be. Volumes of export of armored vehicles for the past seven years have increased significantly. What it says? Last huge contracts with India. A number of states is seriously interested in at least SKD. Many rumors about the localization of production in areas of the country-the customer. This topic is fruitful, it allows our companies, as 80-85% — is Russian labor, Russian assets, also gives the opportunity to climb the military industry of shoppers Russian military equipment.

From rifles to rocket

Holding «Precision complexes» at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil was presented by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. Enterprise shield appeared almost the only, where it was exposed to small cannon. Surprisingly, even immutable exhibitors — «Izhmash» and «Izhmeha» — in this time was not in the halls. Of course, the merger of manufacturers and designers of small instruments into a single concern «Kalashnikov» nothing fails.

In situ swatches CBI submitted fighting machine «Cornet-M» and modification of BMP-2 with upgraded combat compartment «Berezhok.» Had shot, by the way, they are a good result — constantly hit the target of at least some kind of weapon.

About submitted to shield small arms told Nikolai Khokhlov — Deputy Supervisor for AFV and Tula KBP LAW.

— Each benchmark is unique. This sniper rifle OC-03 circuit bullpup, modernization on the basis of components and assemblies Dragunov sniper rifle. You see how she became even less with a silencer. Improved ergonomics, looks very modern, used plastic.

Our army will not be shaken on the basis of belief assault rifles — Nikolai shows smoothbore shotgun with a folding shoulder rest. — Amerikosy they say that shotshell 12 gauge gives a distance of 100 meters diameter meter kill zone. Their is a staffing service. We take only the internal forces.

Hand grenade launcher turret GM-94 caliber 40 mm. Bad than 6 grenades, firing range of up to 400 meters. Shooter can shoot them all — the first has not yet collapsed, the last has already flown, and managed to leave the shooter’s position. There is a whole palette of pomegranate for various purposes. And they can work indoors.

Also perfectly familiar folding submachine gun PP-90 presented his creative continuation — PP-2000. The easiest submachine gun, only 1 kg 350 grams, has won all possible contests Grau, adopted hitherto not adopted — lamenting Nikolay Khokhlov. — Two stores on 20 and 40 cartridges.

Commissioned by the FSB, taking into account the experience of Beslan, have developed a special sniper rifle VKS «Exhaust» with no stopping power small caliber 12.7 mm. When released the school in Beslan, faced with the fact that drugged terrorists even after several hits continued to fight. This will dump at least some guaranteed. Muzzle velocity 270 m / s, in other words subsonic. In 1-x, silencer easier and more durable, and, in-2, a massive beating action. And managed to solve the problem over which beat all the designers of the world, working with the scheme bullpup. The chamber is at the level of respiratory and hand, which naturally prevents shooting. We solved this problem — sleeve thrown forward and all the powder gases too.

LAW «Cornet» is widely known. The exhibition presented its upcoming development. Firing range increased to 8 km. Two types of combat units — thermobaric and cumulative. A version of the car has a range of over 10 km with a thermobaric warhead has the ability to fight against low-flying air targets. It can take from targeting «shell», in other words from the air defense system, to create a single complex with him defense against air attack. This is a prototype cell network-centric warfare.

Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» presented a number of specimens, including radar system «Zoo-1.» Pre-loading of the installation of anti-aircraft missile system «Buk-M2E» paraded by polygon. In programmke demonstration firings took the role of self-propelled anti-aircraft upgraded ZSU-23-4M4 («Shilka») and «Tunguska-M1», showering the target swarms tracers.

Concern was presented Izhevsk now «Dome», producing well-known air defense system «Thor.» Designers could reincarnate launcher module. Now «Thor» can be installed on any suitable platform — crawler, wheel, ship or railway wagon. Or throw a helicopter on top of a mountain in the stationary version.

The exhibition was closed exposition, where, namely, were classified until then new items. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said about them: «This is three combat platforms. First termed «Armata». At its base is created modular method not only heavy tank, and fundamentally newcomer languid armored vehicle infantry, engineering machines and a number of copies of the heavy armored vehicles, which are one big family «Armata». 2nd — «Boomerang», the third — «Kurganets.» And Dmitry Rogozin, has ensured that the Victory Parade on May 9, 2015 will only brand new appliances.

Viktor Myasnikov

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