That there has been developed a service that all would stay

First cafe on the highway Minsk-Grodno at a gas station in Skidel. Working round the day.
I went inside. Now here uncrowded. Comfortable enough points telly, counters made drinks products. Acquainted with the menu.
Burning pizza — 1800 rubles, butebroly cheese — 1300 with sausage — 1500 rubles, seven types of coffee from 900 to 1100 rubles, three varieties of tea — in all price — 650 rubles. Kivbasy on the counter from 15 to 30 thousand.
Mistress says that in their own kitchen is not, but on the order in the state to make mashed potatoes, reheat soup packet to warm sausages, really.
Guests receive a drink and sit down to eat. I wish them relish there. Since a lot of guys go on Belarus ask plenty cafe on the road from Grodno to Minsk? And what is their recollection of roadside service in Belarus?
1st man: "Oh, the service is not developed."
2nd man: "Now I say to you: it’s one, two, three, four, when coupled with the factand that there is at the pump, then 6 pieces of everything. "
Reporter: "A cheap eat in the stands of the cafe?"
Man: "Of course, even the question. Dinner costs 8-9 thousand."
Reporter: "And even savory lunch?"
Man: "Prepare it with relish, but the prices are very highest. Now, if we take the work canteen, and there you can eat and four thousand, and twice as much here. "
Mistress praises cafes, says that the prices at their lowest, there is virtually no extra charge. Margins, states have only vodka, meat imported from adjacent selgasgaspadarki "Obuhovo" they never stale. Mrs. everything adds that their carefree enough.
Lady: "And quietly at a gas station. We cameras are here, so it can affect people. After all, people are not afraid to stop for wagons, nor those who bought a car abroad. All satisfied with what we have quiet and relaxed" .
One of the guests finishes her coffee, going away, I see that it too has intrigued our conversation.
Man: "All the same expensive. There are a variety of eateries on the road: in some other less expensive. Naturally, I wanted to make them more, and then to Minsk only 4 or 5 only. "
But drove a large van. The driver buys cafe only mineral water and cigarettes. Ask him what his memories of roadside service in Belarus.
Man: "Terrible, it simply is not. You go and gaze in Poland, there are roadside cafe. But even here there is no shower to wash. Here are some two cafes on the way there and tasteless prepared. "
Reporter: "In case — how you eat when traveling through Belarus? "
Man: "Thank God, Belarus is a small country, eight hours, and rode. Naturally, that there has been developed a service that all would stay rested. But so far — no. Roadside service — a harsh question, very severe."

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