The authorities are afraid because they know the mood of protest in society

"Power has long been in a state of hysteria. I think, now they are afraid because they know the mood of protest in society. And because perceive the situation as very harsh.
Despite the fact that on March 25 Tipo left not enough people protest moods in society very strong. Even if the old woman cursed this mode is, of course, the government is nervous. Since the crackdown began, went ruthlessness and firmness.
Power went to the last fully recent measures. Because everywhere is information about lawlessness, of beatings, of any violation of law in the country.
Naturally, there is two ways. Or establish the legitimacy of the country, what power did not, does not and will not do. Or change the information and submit that the President and his assistants myagenkie and shaggy. Because it’s all happening. We have to stick to stand on their own, work and do their job. "Tags: media, Khaschevatsky, searches

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