The award named Vl. Katkovskaya — Web Site Your Style

The competition received more than 200 content of the web Belarusian projects in 12 categories. The purpose of the contest — enable new exciting project to declare themselves known project — confirm its own status, says one of the managers TUT.BY Cyril Voloshin:
"Our primary goal — to those projects which are not yet publicly known, to push, to give a prize not only in the form of emotional support, diploma, and a real help, we can give this project — hosting or free marketing company."
Leonid Katkovsky "Award we decided to organize to keep the memory of Volodya"

In This year for the first time presented the award named after our colleague, Vladimir svabodavtsa Katkovskaya. Vladimir — One of the founders of the Belarusian Wikipedia, the creator of the website, an employee of Radio Liberty, who died in a catastrophic 2007. Prize father founded settle Leonid Katkovsky:
"The award we decided to organize to keep the memory of Volodya. Vo-2, we used the presentation of this award that’s why I made the appeal to the Belarusian Internet users, so they kept his job, his websites, www . the moment, unfortunately, the link does not work — Ed.) On How annoying it did not sound orthen there not updated, no one does anything. "
1st Prize awarded the Vladimir Katkovskaya website "Your Style — Grodno youth project."
"Your Style": "Here we put all that we’re curious, what worries us"
"Your Style" — a youth online newspaper and Internet radio. Knows the editor of the online radio Hope Zavinovskaya.
"Young Grodno Grodno write about the young and for the young of Grodno. When we realized that the Grodno newspaper and radio are not willing to build young journalists as they need to teach and spend time, we are going to make your own website. Here we put all that we’re curious, what worries us. We are not limited by any political or social neuvvyazkami, all that we’re curious about how and write. "
Achievement Belarusian for dynamism, for "live"
Why chosen this particular project, knows his father Vladimir Katkovskaya sovereign Leonid:
"We felt that it complies Vovinay work in and declined, his spirit. During 1-x, the Belarusian-he always is dynamic. I liked that there is a special section of the language, even they give audio on white studyRussian language. There’s a lot of the author’s work, youth work as journalists, correspondents. There is something alive. "
Editor of the online radio "Your Style" Hope Zavinovskaya reads:
"We received the award named after Vladimir Katkovskaya" For Belarus ". Father of this young man who made the Belarusian version of the" Wikipedia ", decided to give us his merit. We got I-Pod".
Leonid Katkovsky expressed hope that the case Rydell — a network alias Vladi — Belarusian Internet users will continue.

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