The coalition does not live in political activities, and — political regulation

Ulitenok: "Dmitry, after last year you were part of the delegation from the United Democratic Forces Belarus, which visited the United States, where she had, namely, Bush met with the sovereign. Curious: 7 people three — young people. Is that: alloy youth and maturity or recognition: the youth wing of the democratic opposition begins to take precedence? "
Fedoruk: "Of course, we can not state that we take the upper hand. But the fact that the young come — it is exact. Like the fact that they occupy a position stronger than the elders. Even Milinkevich said: that in that delegation was not Eniro Bronitskaya, Paul Sevyarinets me in the end, the trip would not have been such of success — may not even be meeting with the president and United States.
But when from Liabedzka can still speak, then either Lewkowicz Kalyakin common language not found. If conditions dictate coalition communists, pro-Russian forces, then it is unrealistic to rebuild Belarus. Just look at how the organizing committee was preparing to Those Days Will … Such approaches us and this position is not satisfied. "
Ulitenok "specifies that specifically did not suit?"
Fedoruk: "Apathy is preparing to march, focus only on the future. And we wish to fight here and now every day. The situation with the U.S. ambassador to unregistered organizations, with the pressure in the political affairs of the upcoming shows crackdown ".
Ulitenok "either break with the UDF coalition — another split in the opposition camp …"
Fedoruk: "And there was no strong camps: one in it worked, and others always inactive — then perhaps some of the other branch split? We walked out of the coalition, so really try to make a healthy, strong center-right forces in Belarus. "
Ulitenok: "And what seems to you that the prospect of a democratic coalition, which remained without you?"
Fedoruk: "What can be perspective if they are constantly dreaming election? Active actions as there are not engaged, nor seek out answers to the most troubling questions … Public more exciting, how to live "Young Front"Milinkevich … And those who remained in the printing of the coalition, political activity is not live, but just some political agenda."

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