The enemy destroyed nests in Cinematography

"Lim" on this week 1938 insists: "Arudavavshyya in Belgoskino enemies of the people always hampered the development of the Belarusian sovetskogo cinematography. Because the nearest time Belgoskino behind the advanced film organizations of the USSR … Cinematography enemy nests destroyed. And strongly purifying aggressive parts, eliminating the consequences of wrecking our kinomastatstva opens onto a wide road newcomer prosperity. "
"April 1 up along the Neman went to the first flight of the steamer pier Grodno" Pushkin "and" Zoe Kasmademyanskaya "with barges in tow, — reported in 1948" Grodno truth. "- Steamer" Karl Liebknecht "took on board its first passengers. Neman basin began on timber floating. splavnyya more actively deployed on the tributaries of the Neman. Along the River Kotra started up 10,000 cubic meters render the alloy and on the rivers and Ruzhanka Zelvianka — about 27,000 cubic meters. "
* "Evening Minsk" in 1988, said: "Our previous look at Loshitsa as a monument of the XIX century mansion leads to the destruction Loshitsa-garden. All previous decisions of the executive committee, preservation authorities were specifically focused on saving the monument of the XIX century … Now when it became extreme historical value Loshitsa bio complex, it is clear that this will lead to the destruction of Loshitsa as unique in its own kind of environmental protection. "

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