The European Union expressed solidarity with U.S. diplomats

Slovenia, the Presidency of the European Union, Belarus proclamation named persons non grata and expel 10 U.S. diplomats "illegal and harmful to the interests of the people of Belarus."
Presidency of the European Union expressed its solidarity with the United States and its diplomatic service.
On behalf of the European Union Slovenia urged the Belarusian authorities to reconsider this decision and make urgent measures that will restore relations between Belarus and the U.S. on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Landsbergis: Belarus provokes United States

The last chapter of Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis country believes that in case of rupture diplomatic relations with the United States can rely on past states of the European Union diplomats as representatives of their interests in Minsk:
"It could be, it would be a normal response. If Belarus does not wish to normal relations, then they may not be. Unless their senses."
Vytautas Landsbergis expressed hesitation about the necessity of joining the European Union to the U.S. sanctions against Belarus:
"Acts of the Belarusian authorities are focused on that, that trigger a response to the West and carry on propaganda war: that is what the west bad. Since this was somehow different should be managed."
According to the views of Vytautas Landsbergis, in their actions against U.S. diplomats Belarus follows in the footsteps of Moscow, which not so long ago made unfriendly steps adresok England, closing its cultural consulate in Russia. And at the moment Belarus provokes the United States.
"I think the responsibility lies with both Moscow and Belarus for the acts, it slavishly country. If the Kremlin ordered not do itsecond, they would not have done. A Kremlin comfortably knock on more U.S. arms Lukashenko. "
Herkel: "Such expulsion declare diplomatic war"
Estonian MP, past chairman of the Subcommittee on Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus Andreas Herkel convinced that in such cases the democratic world should have a unified position, and excellent, that at the moment The European Union expresses its solidarity with South American diplomats:
"Such expulsion usually declare war diplomatically. And then the West must be united."
Andreas Herkel believes that additional sanctions against Belarus U.S. and EU must be neat:
"Sanctions are always must be targeted against the regime and those people, who are active members of the regime. But they can worsen the plight of ordinary people in Belarus. "
Yet sovereign Herkel believes that the U.S. and EU negotiations on the expansion of sanctions against the Belarusian administration likely.
G. Grabowska: "Return the usual things will be much harder"

MEP from Poland Genavefa Grabowska notes that Slovenia, expressing solidarity with the South American diplomats expressed the position of all the EU countries, which are not neutral observers in the conflict between the U.S. and Belarus. In the European Union believe that this practice does not serve to establish normal relations. In diplomatic practice, cases of expulsion employees of embassies, but it is not never done en masse, that disrupt the work of the embassy:
"And it will also be focused, first against the people of Belarus, as the diplomatic mission of making contacts not only with the government, and citizens. Because very bad, that is the removal of diplomats took such a large size."
MEP Genavefa Grabowska believes that over time Belarus will obliged to return to normal relations with the United States.
"But then it will be much harder to return it all. And there’s no getting around it, because in today’s world, different countries need to cooperate. Cant be that the blockade and isolation of Belarus lasted nonstop. Belarusian authorities must realize that is not the road go" .

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