The eyes and the computer

The eyes and the computer.  Introduction.  Photo from

Computers entered our lives recently, but many can not imagine my life without this device. Before PC users a lot of opportunities: the Internet, games, movies, music, email and ICQ, forums and chat rooms, and much more. As a result, children and adults spend hours in front of the monitor, both at work and at home.

Meanwhile, many hours of communication with a PC is not harmless, and can adversely affect the health of the user. Doctors say the problems are typical for avid computer geeks: carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as carpal tunnel syndrome), vertebral syndrome, respiratory (lung or breast) syndrome and congestive (venous, vascular, foot) syndrome. However, the most common is computer eye syndrome, including symptoms such as redness, pain and burning sensation in the eyes, "sand" under the eyelids, blurred vision, double vision, slow refocusing from near and far objects on the back, fatigue eye when reading, etc.

The most effective measure prevention of computer visual syndrome is the limitation of time working at a computer. However, since it is not always possible, it is important to follow the doctor's advice to others — to observe the required distance from theeye to monitor (70 cm), right to cover the desktop and the surrounding area, to do the required work breaks and not to neglect the special exercises for the eyes, and use The "right" monitor.

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