The Finns are planning to buy the Su-30

In Russia and Finland have all the opportunities to expand defense cooperation ibolee dynamic military-technical svyazey.Ob that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at talks with his Finnish counterpart Carl Haglund. They met in an old manor Kenigstedt near Helsinki, which is now used as a government residence. Take here only the most distinguished guests, the role of gracious host can only play a president, prime minister or any member of the cabinet. 

Shoigu was Kenigstedte not just high, but obviously welcome. For him, even prepared a special gift — a large wooden bear. Their cuts local craftsman, who our minister jokingly offered to help. Finn kept his head and also jokingly replied that she certainly come in handy.

Well, seriously speaking, assistance, or more precisely, the experience gained in the armies of neighboring countries, really deserved attention both ministers. In Finland, as in Russia, now there is a reform of the armed forces. Local politicians and the military to decide how to ensure the defense of the State in a 10 percent reduction in the Army budget. At the same time Finland focuses on the purchase of the most modern weapons. Here a certain niche products may take the Russian defense industry. For example, now the generals Suomi conduct comparative tests of American, Polish, and our man-portable air defense systems. Given that in the arsenals of the Finnish army has MANPADS "Igla", their modernized version has all the chances to get ahead of competitors in the tender.

Another project deals with tactical aviation. In the next decade, the Finns plan to replace parts of the U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter "Hornet" on a more advanced machine. As told "RG" one of the local high-ranking officers, they are primarily interested in multi-aircraft systems such as our Su-30. So the firm Sukhoi may well be a new foreign customer. Do not forget about the T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1 and BMP-2 anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk" prefigured in the Finnish army. All this equipment is in need of maintenance, spare parts requires that supply and, apparently, will continue to supply our neighbors to the enterprise of the defense-industrial complex.

Apart from the purely military aspects of the negotiations, Ministers also touched on issues of international security. In particular, they talked in detail about the situation in Syria after cease to operate the arms embargo on the opposition. According to Shoigu, the question is: if one party can now receive arms from someone or the other — can feel under no obligation to comply with the previous limits. A separate topic was Afghanistan. In the future, the Finns will lead out of his army contingent. It is relatively small — about 150 soldiers and officers. However, personnel, equipment and cargo will be required to ship home. Here, the Finns can take lessons from our military. In addition, it is possible that the neighbors will turn to Russia for permission for transit of troops through our territory. For international issues, Sergei Shoigu also returned to the talks with the Foreign Minister of Finland Erkki Tuomioja.

It is incorrect to say that the interest in something just showed our hosts. Say Shoigu curious that in Rifle appeared in the Finnish army. Local military immediately advertised APC AMV, calling it almost the best in the world of combat armored vehicle. This 27-ton wheeled armored interesting primarily for its modularity. That is, if desired, it is possible to install a tower with a gun, or anti-aircraft machine gun. AMV armored personnel carries up to 12 people, there really immerse the 120-mm mortar. It's about his purchases for the Russian army, of course, is not. But it is possible that Shoigu learned about this machine is something that can later be used in the formation of the tactical and technical specifications for the new APCs for our Army.

Reasoning that it is better to see once than to hear seven times, the Russian minister went to the island Santahamina that hosts the Guard Jaeger Regiment, and visited the National Defence Academy of Finland. As it turned out, rangers have a lot to learn. For example, it refers to the practice of logistics. Civil companies not only supply food to the garrison and shape. Their representatives work in warehouses, at any time of the day or night ready to, say, replace the soldier linens. They form the suhpayki for field studies. There are 12 variations of such food, including — for the soldier-vegetarians, those who are allergic to certain foods that need strengthening soldering or, on the contrary, in the low-calorie diet. However, some of the Finnish innovation in our army is unlikely to take root. For example, a little hard to believe that the dismissal be allowed to release immediately all the soldiers. It is unlikely that will appeal to our commanders and anonymous survey conscripts two weeks prior to their transfer to the reserve.

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