The first map of the Pole AK veterans receive

Information on how many people are currently being applied for "Pole’s Card", can tell only the Consul General Adam Bernatowicz, uttered to us. But he is very busy, and the subsequent day will lack, noted the cooperation of representation.

Looking beyond the question "Card of the Pole" and he expects it to get Hrodna journalist Andrzej Poczobut working for the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza":

"550 appeals were in the first day. Incline first get people age, honored people: veterans of the Home Army, the Polish Army Ludowe. Incline For people age it very fundamental thing — "Card of the Pole," they are quite suited to her sensually. So I talked to veterans of the Home Army, who applied for the card, they uttered: so many years says that we are not Poles, and now we Poland acknowledged she remembers about us, for us it is very fundamentally. And, you know, it’s with tears in the eyes said. "

Andrei Pochobut says that some old, who wished to "Pole’s Card" without waiting for her, died. He is in no hurry, but his father fell documents in office.

Poczobutt: "A young, obviously relies on the possibility of first obtain a visa that will allow her to travel to Poland. It I think, the most important thing for young people in this "map".

What predictions: how many people can apply for this case diplomatic institutions in Poland in Belarus?

Poczobutt: "The number of those who receive" Pole’s Card "will naturally be less than the number of Poles. Not much is needed, not all zahochut go to office, lease documents. But it’s hard to say how big will the activity. It is hard to predict, but I think there are intrigued, it confirms that is virtually impossible to call the General Representative on "Polish Card".

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