The flagship of the Baltic Fleet destroyer Pushy headed for the Kronstadt

The flagship of the Baltic Fleet destroyer "Pushy" came out of the main naval base of the fleet in the Baltic Sea and headed for the Kronstadt to participate in the parade in honor of the Day of the Baltic Fleet.

Together with the destroyer "Pushy" put to sea to make her way transfer small missile ship "Downpour" and basic minesweeper "BT-212".
During the transition to Kronstadt crews will work the elements of joint maneuvers will hold training on communication, air defense, will perform a number of combat training missions at sea.

This is the second detachment of warships BF, which makes cross-database transition to the Leningrad naval base to participate in the parade. Missile boats "Dimitrovgrad" and "P-2", which came out earlier, is now already in Kronstadt.

Just a celebration of the 310th anniversary of the fleet in the Baltic and the Kronstadt will employ about 30 surface ships, boats, submarines and support ships.

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