The funniest thing in Belarus — is power

People’s Poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin the question answers:
"The most fun I think that how we are no push, and we still live."
Politician Viktor Ivashkevich recalls burning activities in Belarus:
"The funny thing is, I think, is that the Belarusian authorities with their antics on March 25 to stop thinking of the Belarusian society movement for freedom and European culture."
Favourite band "Palace" Oleg Khomenko:
"It’s funny you can find anywhere, drove the car wash, and there someone in the car pig who flags. Also here a cheap spirits:" Morning Dew "or" Evening buzz "- can also be an occasion for jokes."
Politician Anatoly Sidorevich funny also sees in politics:
"Well, the funny thing is — it’s a relay hunger strike. Who’s fiction, because would have to grant the patent. Pohohotat can, on the other hand — this is what you can omit the saint principle hunger strike as a form of protest and resistance."
Human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla:
"Certain, for example, like cleanliness and order on the streets and, namely, Minsk. And I say that this fee unfreedom. Another time here such contrasts cause laughter."
Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski says that life in Belarus is quite sour, but a place for humor is all the same:
"The funny thing with us — it Belarusian television. It gives much food for light humor own clumsiness. Perhaps more than anything you can imagine."
Theater director Valery Mazynsky:
"Surprisingly, there is still such a day in our lives — a day of laughter. Gotta laugh. You spin snowy."
Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko funny sees government policies:
"The funny thing is — that being in the center of the continent euro, friends, we have Arab sheikhs, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro."
Journalist Kalinkina:
"In fact, many highly amusing. Example, when our bureaucrats trying to justify what is happening in the country. This helpless and awkward, but it’s a sad laugh. And if about real laughter, it is quite a walk through the streets and read the names written on the Tipo Belarusian.’s where really abragochassya. "
Politician Stanislav Shushkevich:
"It would be very funny to statements Scorina in Peter Vasil Bykov and poetry were made on 1 April. But it came to other days are, but because April 1 we have every day."
Painter Alexei Marochkin, on which days are left for 5 days of arrest — Tipo neprelichnuyu for abuse:
"If they wrote a protocol that I swore obscenities, I read them, I’m biting you teeth or something. Laugh need with that sad place and action."
Politician Statkevich:
"In Belarus, a lot of fun. And the funny thing is in Belarus, in my opinion — is its power."

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