The girl from Belarus still in the cave

"At this point on the surface of 21 people, among them there are Belarusians," — said the interlocutor. According to her, in the cave are Belarusians Vabishchevichy Inna and Alexander, and with them — a daughter, whose age one year and eight months. "
Also prosecutor Bekovsky area confirmed the information, now Rescuers are intense work on clearing the entrance of the cave to the other. "Those who come out, even medical assistance shall be removed from the" — says Attorney Voltchkova:
"I would not say that they are hungry. Basically, they are ok and did not" Buchenwald prisoners "as write about it some journalists. They are ordinary people. Only persons smallness palely. Less and more for it."
November first 2007 35 people (in including — four kids) took refuge in the basement equipped with advance Bekovsky area in the Penza region. Hermit decided to stay there until May 2008, when, in their opinion, should come to an end. By the isolation they prepared painstakingly accumulated stuff for life and food.
With the outside world connects only hermits vents. Through him, police and the local administration negotiate, persuade him to come to the surface of the sectarians. Those lists in response to signs of approaching disaster. And in the case of intervention, if they try to get power out of the cave, threatening to burn themselves or undermine it.
All hermits — followers Pyotr Kuznetsov, against whom police launched criminal case the items "business association that infringes on the individual and the rights of people" and "incitement to hatred on religious grounds."
According to the police department Kobrin, Brest region, Pyotr Kuznetsov visited Belarus a couple of times. In July 2007 he was sent abroad for the country violationyl registration of foreign people.
According to the official disk imaging Belarusian Embassy in Russia, in an underground shelter near the village Nikolsky Penza region among 14 cultists are 7 or 8 people in Belarus, among them and two kids.

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