The government defends itself, not the people

During the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of March 25 in Minsk were detained about hundreds of people, many people are beaten. In the midst of other — two correspondents "Nasha Niva"- Simon and Andrew Pechenko Liankevich.
Reporter: "Why detain journalists performing their duties Professor?"
Lady: "It’s clear why! Because they are the truth about the actions of the authorities and Situation in Belarus. It’s scary that demonstrated scary. "
Man: "I can neitherwhat to say. I was not there and do not know anything. "
Lady: "I do not know why, but the journalists better than other people? If they have evidence that they are journalists and are on the job, then let it show appropriate authorities and all. "
Man: "I do not know. Certainly, education is our riot. Hamley simple. Especially when they cost so journalists. People that tell others announcements, peel these people — for our country’s shame. "
Woman: "As for what? This is all so clear. Smaller is better, and to whom — is also understandable."
Man: "What? Journalist — such as citizen. Needless to hide behind a paper. Law in the country there, and whatever it was, it should be done. If detained illegally, that is incorrect. And if he breaks the law and he is detained this is true, and do not need any of his poke here document. "
Woman: "Why detain them? Certainly, since their behavior is contrary to the policy of our country. The Government believes that it is better to protect yourself than the people for whom it was created. "
Woman: "Or ordinary panic, and there is no time to understand anyone. Other words, take all together, and there shall understand who and what."
Man: "If they allow themselves to people from a human shield to do, what else can we expect from them?" Tags: poll, beating, arrest of journalists

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