The hunger strike came M. Autukhovich joined I. Rynkevich

Total campaign, which began on March 10, enveloped 10s activists. Most — 19 minutes a day — starving in Minsk policy brothers Sergey and Alexander Skrebtsov. In Germany, police continue hunger strike last Oleg Alkaev and his son Vyacheslav. On the days of hunger strike took the baton last lawyer Igor Rynkevich activists Halahaniuk Sergey Sergey Soldatenko Daria Zielinska, journalist "Narodnaya Volya"Vitaly Garbuzov, UCP Misha Vasiliev.
Some have completed their role in the hunger strike in connection with health. So did businessman Autukhovich, human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova, mom arrested activist Tatyana Kim, activist Ales Streltsov.

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