The incident with the Youth Union in court ran all borders

SousAlexander, what day the court was the grave?
Streltsov: Perhaps the first. It was a very bad memory, when the referee began to read the names and surname with an expression that seemed to have caught the biggest criminals, all recognizable, they say — that they eventually face the tribunal …
In the third day of the court was one ugly moment — there was a skirmish between these of whether BRYU how they call themselves, future lawyers — these future lawyers did not hassle if, then so very ugly incident, clung to the girls and men Hall, including the defendants were required to protect women in conflict with the Youth Union. And those (BRYU) immediately rushed to defend the guard, who were in court, Special Forces soldiers, the entire audience chanted "Shame!" … The incident even for our Belarusian justice ran all boundaries.
Sous: The defendants — members of various organizations and parties. Tell me, were you familiar with all the pre-trial?
StreltsovI was more or less closely familiar with 2 or with 3 … Plan we previously did not have any, and I met with the majority due to the judicial authorities.
Sous: Today we received a letter from Alexander Barazenka, who is currently in Poland in Wroclaw. He is one of the accused in the 14-minute, I will read to you a piece of writing:
"First comparison that comes to looking at all this, certainly due to the circus. According to another as a circus can not be called any accusations leveled defendant, nor the fact that they say so called" witnesses "in the courtroom … Gramophone policeman from Blyashchova certainly still long not come from the pages of LJ.
But it would all be very funny if it were not so insulting … And here comes another brain mapping … with Kurapaty! So, no one so far, thank God, does not kill tyschami and lumps grave … but that at the moment the authorities do is attempt vzvestsi "their Kurapaty"! They try to put 14 crosses on the lives of people crosses the health of parents and relatives of the defendants, the crosses on our dreams and life on the best configuration in Belarus.
These Kurapaty not have one place of stay! They are in the hearts and minds of people … "New Kurapaty" is a general horror! "

Ales, you agree with Alexander Barazenka?
Streltsov: Well, if 30 times in the process, and maybe more, the referee said it was not a circus, it’s not a farce for you — that is to say, no comment … When I was asked, what are the legal issues that could be shown as a violation, it is difficult for me to allocate something separate, as the situation in general resembles the situation where you are, say, shoot, and in this situation, read, that they were not polished buttons or they are not by statute — is nonsense … The situation itself — is a legal mess, as all actions, all we beheld the video, a few hours — the maximum that can pull the individual participants — is 15 days. And their 15 days almost all departed.
Sous: How do you think, what will be the verdict in the court case?
StreltsovI think that none of the number of those who now says about the end, does not know what he will. And who knows — not states.
I can not agree with the commentaries of our lawyers and other legal professionals: the case about Sychev and Kim under Article 364 — it collapsed, and must, apparently, Kim justified, since I personally watched — from 3 angles, many times, including slow motion — I did not see the blow. Found a lot of different things that do not correspond to eyewitnesses. Some witnesses by the police explained that they were ordered to work in civilian clothes in bulk — say, we were behind the whole link Kim beheld the blow … On the video footage shows that for Kim nobody stood.
Now also made by representatives of business, namely Igor Glacier, very well told, that passed all steps of the ladder — the Supreme Tribunal, the parliament, all the possible commission to reach the truth, trying to hold their shares at Bangalore — they have not been heard, because they came to area. And the video is partially visible entrepreneurs, and where there is occasionally accused visible. Referee stops the tape and says, you recognize yourself in the mass? Know, but so what — it’s not even an administrative court for consideration …
Ales Streltsov — Managing youth commission BSDP (Gromada). He was born in 1980 in Minsk. Higher education in the Belarusian municipal Economic Institute. One of the first Belarusian students economical form of training was required to work at the municipal enterprise for rassredotachivaniyu. After graduation Ales came to the factory "Horizon", where he led projects relating to cooperation with China factory. I almost learned the reason why the Chinese language. Zvolnivshysya of "Horizon", some time he worked in various companies as political activities did not interfere with this. April 10 this year, he runs the installer system designs of the second category.
Students began working with the Belarusian Language Society named Skarina. In 1998 he became a member of the Popular Front, and later left the party. After a while joined the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada).
In his youth, fond of study Old English. Without the help of others to learn the basics and did zukorezhissure Belarusian dubbing foreign films in his home on ministudyi. Current motto: no retreat, no surrender.
In mon continue Tribunal on him and the other accused of involvement in the mess during the campaign business on January 10.

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