The installation of solar panels in the nature park Nalychevsky successfully completed

Translation cordons Nalychevo natural park to solar power is complete. September 1 was launched solar-energy unit that will meet the needs of the central part of the park in Nalychevo electricity. By the end of the first decade of September solar modules have been installed at the cordon "Avachinskiy pass."
According to the deputy director of the park Radmir Korenevo, energy production via solar panels will be able to, among other things, to increase the attractiveness of a recreational site as KGBU "Natural Park" Volcanoes of Kamchatka "- the first natural park in Russia, who decided to refuse the use of gasoline generators by cordons of inspection in favor of alternative sources of clean energy. should be noted that the park ready to follow the example of other natural resource users, interested in the idea to use solar radiation for the benefit of society. Meanwhile, tourists who come to the valley and the Nalychevo Avachinskiy pass, having fun taking pictures on the background of solar modules.

Recall that in August this year at the photovoltaic modules are fully translated cordon "Nalychevsky cape", and, according to the inspectors, the solar plant is operating smoothly, suggesting that the use of the natural park of alternative energy — a very proper and reasonable decision, since This approach helps to minimize the impact on the environment as chemical and noise, which is particularly important for the conservation of wildlife in an undisturbed state. 
Now experts are closely monitoring the natural park of the work of solar plants and conduct an assessment of their energy efficiency, but it is now clear that the introduction into service will not only depend on the timely supply of fuel, but also in the future be able to provide a replication of this experience to other areas .

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