The installed capacity of power generation assets of Gazprom is 38 GW

Currently "Gazprom" continues to implement a number of major projects under construction gas units at TPP-12, TPP-16 and TPP-20 in Moscow, the coal units at Trinity and the Novocherkassk GRES.

The Board of Directors of OAO "Gazprom" has taken note of the development strategy of electricity assets, investment performance of the company in the electric power facilities in Russia and abroad.

It was noted that the company is the largest investor in the domestic power industry, is actively developing generation capacity and has already completed more than half of the commitments made by the Group "Gazprom" in entering into the industry. Successful implementation of the strategy chosen to give the "Gazprom" in the world's top ten producers of electricity — installed capacity of power generation assets is 38 GW.  

In 2012, the combined-cycle power units introduced at Kirishskaya power plant, as well as on the Right Bank thermal power station in St. Petersburg. At the beginning of this year in Sochi commissioned Adler CHPS.

"Gazprom" systematically improves the efficiency of the energy business. The company is working to increase the operating assets, implement programs to optimize costs and measures to improve financial performance. This, in particular, allowed in 2012 to optimize the cost of more than $ 7 billion rubles.

One of the directions of further development of the electric power business "Gazprom" in Russia is the acquisition of core assets. This, in particular, will increase profits and market share of the company, to optimize the gas supply and load generating equipment. So, as a logical expansion of business in the Moscow region considered the possibility of acquiring "Gazprom" company "MIPC" and "Quadra".

The company also continues to explore opportunities for the development of power generation business in foreign markets. Increased participation of "Gazprom" in this business segment will increase the consumption of Russian natural gas, and will also help to reduce the financial performance of the Group depends on the fluctuations in gas prices, as would compensate for the possible loss of sales revenue from electricity sales.

Board instructed to continue to work to strengthen the position of "Gazprom" in the sales segment in overseas markets.

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