The murder rate in Chicago is higher today than when Al Capone

According to statistics, in our days in Chicago are more murders than in most criminal period in the history of the city.

 Let's compare only two months: January 1929 and January 2013. Last month in Chicago committed 42 murders — this is the highest figure since 2002 and it is much more than the infamous mafia era. In January 1929, the number of homicide victims were 26 people.

Despite the image of Chicago 30 years, we have formed thanks to Hollywood, crime statistics paints a somewhat different picture. The figures clearly show that the murders committed today more than in the bloodiest year of Al Capone. The high crime rate in the city in January 2013, has already become a matter of serious concern and ordinary citizens, politicians and officials from the White House.

However, the 42 murders also not the highest figure. Sad "record" belongs to January 1992, when Chicago was killed 77 people. Most of the killings and now and then committed with firearms.

During Capone's no gun control was not at all. The first governing document was signed only in the 1934th. It said that getting the right to bear arms can only be with the approval of the local police chief. It was necessary to go through the procedure of fingerprinting, background checks and pay a fee of $ 200.

There is much to ponder.  

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